Wasps, Flies, Ants- August Pest Watch

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Wasps, Flies, Ants- August Pest Watch

The summer months can sometimes be some of our busiest months in the year. As people are more inclined to be outside enjoying their garden space, there is the possibility of running into some unwanted pests. Whilst we do our best to be at one with nature, sometimes it is necessary to call in a pest controller.


Below you will find some of the common pest problems you may encounter this August;



Wasps are at their peak of production at this time of year and so nests can be rather large. Nesting locations can vary dramatically but can include; lofts, sheds, compost sites, wall cavities. Disturbing a wasp nest can be quite dangerous. They will become very aggressive if they think their nest is under attack and they will sting you, again and again. In some cases, you can even be swarmed. If you are allergic to stings, then this could be life threatening. As the summer comes to an end, they are particularly fond of rotting fruit. In some cases, the fermenting fruit can actually cause them to become drunk which can actually make them more aggressive.



Flies tend to become more of an issue in the summer due to a number of reasons. As the weather is warm, this can cause food rubbish to smell and decay faster. This is a great source of food and a good location for flies to lay their eggs. Flies are also carriers diseases like E. Coli and Salmonella. There are hundreds of thousands of species of flies in the UK, some of which can go from egg to adult fly in 7 days so an infestation can become a real problem if not dealt with quickly. They will enter your home through open doors and windows in the search for food sources. It is suggested to keep any rubbish bins you have away from these entry points in order to help stop flies entering your home.



In the UK, you are most likely to come across the Garden/Black Ant. Although ants’ nests are typically located outside the home, if there is access to food sources within the home, ants will find it. Their search for food can range widely around the nest and using chemical signals, worker ants can let others know in and around the colony that food sources are available. They can enter your home through the smallest of gaps, in the wall, broken seals around windows and doors etc. They too, like wasps, are attracted to ‘sweet’ foods.



If you think you have any of the pest problems mentioned above, please give us a call! We can help.