Detested by many, but a common problem in kitchen and homes across the UK, the cockroach is one of the most reviled insects of the modern age. Repulsive in sight and in smell, they can soon infest a property in large numbers.

Often seen as a sign of poor sanitary conditions and poor hygiene, cockroaches are not just the stuff of nightmares from hotel rooms in foreign countries; although we have 2 species common in the UK, they are an insect infestation that will NOT go away on its own… and it is a problem that needs dealing with quickly and by a professional.

The cockroach – a massive population

Across the world, there are more than 3,000 known species of cockroach and have roamed our planet, or so scientists say, with dinosaurs. Incredibly robust and stubborn, these insects need expert eradication in order for a property to be free of them.

The two species of cockroach found in the UK, all act in a similar way and one thing is for sure, if you spot a cockroach in your property, there are others lurking too. But, more importantly, dealing with an infestation is important in terms of health; these pesky critters spread all kinds of bacteria, all of which can make us very ill.

From unpleasant bouts of Salmonella to gastroenteritis, dysentery, tuberculosis, tapeworm and hookworm can also be passed from cockroach to human, not a pleasant thought by any stretch of the imagination.

Nocturnal creates, cockroaches are not fond of light; as well as hearing them scurrying around, placing the light on in a darkened room can mean you catch sigh of them disappearing under furniture, into corners etc.

Why do cockroaches invade our properties?

There are many things that attract cockroaches into our property and even though they are associated with dirty places, it has been known for even the cleanest of homes and businesses to have an infestation.

They prefer hot, humid conditions – our kitchens and bathrooms are perfect, along with other industrial sites such as laundries and other industrial units where heat and humidity are in abundance.

Their shape and size also make them perfect for scurrying about undetected, as well as being able to hide in the smallest of places. Flat in shape, and similar in size and colouring, there are some slight difference in how and where the two species of cockroach like to hang out…

The Oriental Cockroach is not one that favours too much heat or humidity, preferring the coolness of a basement or cellar. They also like the rich pickings of local refuse tips, and can be seen quite often scurrying about places littered with rubbish and the like.

The German Cockroach – also known as the common cockroach – have padded, adhesive feet which means they can climb up glossy, polished and shiny surfaces as a result, spotting a cockroach above ground level point to it being this species; other cockroaches do not have pads, but claws and can climb some distances but not to the same successful level as this species.

The signs of a cockroach infestation

Cockroaches breed quickly and in large numbers, so seeing one means there are others in the property – you just haven’t caught sight of them yet!

  • Both species found in the UK are nocturnal, so walking in to a kitchen, bathroom, cellar etc. at night and flicking on the light will see them scuttling to the edges of the room to hide
  • Not only will you catch sight of them, you will also smell an unpleasant odour; as cockroaches roam around the property they release a hormone that attracts females or males to breed; a high concentration of cockroaches can mean this unpleasant musty smell becomes noticeable to us humans
  • Brown smudges or smears on walls, work surfaces or floors are also signs of cockroaches; when they have access to food and water, cockroaches leave smeared droppings but, when water is not apparent, they will leave harder droppings instead
  • Cockroaches are incredibly hardy insects, living up to 3 months without food and water is not uncommon and so simply denying them a food source is not the only step that needs to be taken

A problem that MUST be treated

There is no doubt that cockroaches need to be dealt with quickly and effectively; do not waste time and money with shop bought treatment – always contact a reputable pest control firm to deal with such a problem.

A pest control technician will take a variety of step:

  • Use a variety of chemical treatments to clear the main infestation
  • Intense cleaning will also need to take place, possibly with further chemical insecticide treatments in the small crevices that cockroaches are known to hide
  • The bulk of the problem can be dealt with quickly but, the stubbornness of these insects may mean that further treatments are required

Have you spotted what you think is a cockroach? Don’t delay in calling us for a free, no obligation quote and be cockroach free once again!