September Pests

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September Pests

As we now move into Autumn and the weather begins to change, pests are beginning to look for warm locations to reside as the weather gets colder outside. This time of year is interesting however, as there is a cross over between summer pests and winter pests, so we are never sure what kind of calls we are going to receive. But do not worry, whatever the pest problem, we have got you covered.



This season for wasps has been very up and down. The weather has certainly played a part in that. We have had years where we have been inundated with calls about dealing with wasp nests, but things have been a little quieter this year. We are now at the point of the wasp cycle where new queens are searching for good hibernation locations. The rest of the nest are now out and about searching for sweet treats, such as rotting fruits as they are no longer required to be maintaining the nest and feeding the young. Be sure to be wary; wasps can be more aggressive at this time due to the rotting fruit making them feel drunk and quick to sting!



It is around about this time of year where you may start to see more spiders in corners of the ceiling or under the stairs. This is due to them wanting to find light and warmth as the colder, darker days come. It is also mating season, so they are on the hunt for a partner! Spiders can cause some real problems for people, especially those who have a phobia of them. They really do not like peppermint, so a home remedy of peppermint spray may help keep them at bay. If you think you have an infestation, then we would suggest giving us a call. Whilst we cannot stop them entering your home, we can put in place measures to deal with the issue you have currently got and implement treatments to the walls, windows and doors to deter them.



Although these pests are seen most of the year, they tend to cause the most problems in Summer and Autumn. The heat in the summer causes discarded food and other waste products to decompose quicker and smell. This attracts swarms of flies which will feast, excrete and even lay their eggs all in the same place. Flies are carriers of diseases due to their eating habits and where they chose to land. In the Autumn, flies are searching for locations to hibernate for the colder months. They may congregate in the attic , but you can’t miss them as there will be a lot of them!




If you have any problems with any pests, please do get in touch today!