Winter Pest Problems

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Pests are a problem all year round. Now that the colder months are upon us pests such as rats, mice, spiders and cockroaches are more prominent. They can cause damage to your home, may bring in diseases and contamination problems, as well as levels of inconvenience and unease. These pests are looking for warmth and food, and your lovely cosy home is a perfect location!


Rodents are especially a problem at this time of year. Rats and mice like to find locations where they will not be disturbed but with a good food course and shelter. Rats and mice are both capable of gnawing through a wide variety of materials to get to where they need to go. They also are carriers of diseases so if you think that you may have a rodent infestation, we suggest you call in a professional!


Top tips:

  • Mice can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps, so make sure to check attic space and garage walls for any gaps and fill accordingly
  • Rats love rubbish so best to try and keep rubbish away from the home where possible, in bags and in bins with lids ideally
  • Keep your attic and garage as clear as possible from clutter as both rats and mice will enjoy finding hiding places. If you have any boxes of items, it is good practice to get these onto shelves where possible
  • Even in the winter months, we suggest keeping your garden as tidy as possible, this will eliminate nesting spots for rodents
  • Rodents are also attracted to any food sources! Keep any food items in sealed containers and try not to leave dog/cat food out day and night as it can provide the perfect snacking opportunity


Spiders, like rodents, thrive in less frequented areas of your home. They are commonly found in garages and attics and will nest in these locations, as well as in neglected cupboards and wardrobes. Some spiders are dangerous if they bite you, however most are harmless, even if unsightly!


Top tips:

  • If you are storing clothes or any other items, it is good practice to do so when they are clean and placed in sealed containers. Always best to check your items for spiders or spider eggs when retrieving them as they are the perfect nesting location
  • Spiders can enter your home in many ways, however most commonly in the winter months through greenery surrounding your property. Try to keep trees and bushes away from doors and windows by keeping your garden trimmed


Cockroaches are another pest to keep an eye out for this winter. They will find refuge where there is food and moisture. Cockroaches love your kitchen especially and can also be found in the bathroom too. They enjoy darkness and have a phenomenal breeding ability. If you think you may have a cockroach problem, we strongly suggest that you give us a call about permanently eradicating them from your property.


Top tips:

  • They will hunt for food, so we suggest that you keep all food contents in sealed containers. Keep your kitchen clean and tidy by removing crumbs and cleaning up spillages immediately. They are also drawn to dog/cat food (like rodents) so try not to leave this out all the time

If you think you have a problem, please contact us!