Wasps, Wasps, Wasps

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Wasps, Wasps, Wasps

Wasps are a hot topic this time of year. They are most active July and August time. This is due to the hundreds of eggs each day being laid by the queen. Other adults also produced by the queen can reach numbers up to 5000 and their role is to feed the grubs whilst building and maintaining the nest structure.

Wasps nests can be found in a number of locations such as trees, loft spaces, sheds, garages and even in wall cavities. This is not an extensive list, as wasps are resourceful and will set up a nest in any suitable location, such as a compost heap to name one. Their nests come in lots of shapes and sizes and are made up of chewed up wood pulp and salvia. If left unattended, wasp nests can reach the size of a beech ball.

The sooner a wasp nest is discovered the easier it is to deal with. The larger the nest, the more threat and danger they can pose. They will defend their nest very aggressively and have the ability to emit a pheromone to alert other wasps to help deal with the danger. Plus, remember they are able to sting multiple times! They are considered a very aggressive pest so caution is extremely important when dealing with them.

If you find a wasp nest in or around your home, it is strongly recommended calling in a professional pest controller. We will be able to offer you advice about the best course of action to deal with your pest problem.