Summer Pest Problems

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Summer Pest Problems

As we move into warmer weather this coming week, you may experience an increase in a variety of pests. Here is a list of common pests you are likely to encounter during the summer months.


Stinging insects

Stinging insects such as wasps, bees and hornets most definitely make their presence known in the summer months. Although they are a hive of activity in the spring, by the time the summer comes around their populations reach their highest numbers. For wasps and bees for example, when the number of worker bees and wasps becomes large enough, the queen will move on to find another location to build a colony.


Biting insects

Mosquitoes are the top pest for the summer months. Due to the warmer weather, they are able to complete their life cycle quicker which is why there are so many of them when the weather turns hot.


Bed bugs

With the summer comes summer holidays. And unfortunately, with summer holidays comes pest problems. Bed bugs are good travellers, getting into your clothes and suitcases whilst you are enjoying your summer break. It is always good practice to check the bedding in your hotel for any signs of bed bug infestations, and if you are worried, make sure to report it. It is good practice to also put any luggage in the bathroom as this is a location less likely to harbour bed bugs.



Like most insects, their activity begins in the spring, but their numbers are at their highest in the summer months. They will swarm to create new colonies. Colonies can become very large if the right location is found underground and this can cause issues in your garden, and in turn to the house. They will find any way into the house in search for food.



Although cockroaches can be a pest all year round, the summer is their breeding season so there may be an increase in activity. These pests are not only well known for being carriers of harmful bacteria but have also been linked to worsening symptoms of asthma.



Flies can also be a problem all year round. However, in the summer months, their breeding habits tend to increase which is why there is a fluctuation in the amount of flies that you will see around. Also, the heat in the summer can cause rubbish bins and bags to smell which is very attractive to flies.  Due to locations flies like to land and eat, they are renowned for being reliable for the spreading of a multitude of diseases.