Spring Pests You Are Most Likely To Come Across

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Spring Pests You Are Most Likely To Come Across

Spring has most certainly sprung! As we begin to enjoy these upcoming months, it is important to be aware of the pests that come with the warmer weather. Below we have a little bit of information about a few of the pests that you may come across.


Ants will start coming out in full force over the next few months. They are likely to be on the lookout for food sources and will travel far and wide to find it. It is suggested that as soon as you find evidence of ants, you should act sooner rather than later with treatment. This is because the longer ants are left, the harder they are to treat with conventional treatments. Even though you may only see a few of them around, the chances are there is a colony nearby. It is advisable to follow the ants back to their nest so you know the location best to treat. They will likely find their way into your home under doors and through windows if left open. As previously mentioned, they are looking for food, so it is always best practice to clean up any spills of liquids and foods immediately and to pick up pet food once they have finished eating each time.


As with most pests, flies will be mating and on the search for food during Spring. It may be possible that flies may have nested in your home over the winter months, and they will start coming out now. They tend to nest in locations such a loft spaces and could be a large swarm. They will try to get out of the home, which may prove an issue for them as the weather during this time of year is not always nice enough to have the windows and doors open. If they are stuck in the home then they will be able to find good amounts of food sources, food left on the kitchen side, crumbs under fridges or ovens, and of course they need water too. Best practice in this situation would be to give us a call. We can treat the problem directly and efficiently. It is important to be mindful as well that flies will try and enter the home from outside too. Perhaps try using fly screens if you like to keep windows and doors open during the day. Also, it is always best practice to seal any rubbish bags and bins throughout the year, however when the weather does start to heat up, any unsealed bags of old food can begin to smell which is a wonderful attraction to flies.


The main species of beetle that we tend to the most is the carpet beetle. It is the larvae that actually cause the most damage as they feed on the carpet fibres. Carpet beetles lay their eggs and after a few weeks, the larvae hatch. Carpet beetle larvae have a very diverse diet and will eat a multitude of different materials from carpet, hair, leather, fur wood etc. This is one of the reasons why they are hard to eliminate.


If you think you have any problems with these pests, please do get in touch!