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Flies are a problem pest all year round. They appear more prevalent in the summer months due to the joy of alfresco dining and they do like the heat. However, they are always around and looking for their next meal. There are many species of flies in the UK, the most common one is the house fly.


What do they look like?

  • They have large eyes
  • Sticky pads on their feet so they are easily able to stick to surfaces
  • Usually grey in colour


Where can you find them?

  • They are attracted to your rubbish bins
  • Food waste
  • Animal waste


What can you do?

  • Clean bins regularly
  • Keep bin lids tightly sealed
  • Keeping windows and doors closed where possible
  • Keep the kitchen sides and floors clean
  • Clear away any food and keep in sealed containers


Whilst there are some tips you can do to help prevent flies in your home, if you have an ongoing issue then you may need our help. Please give us a call.