Winter Pest Advice

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Winter Pest Advice

February may upon us, but winter isn’t done with us yet. From incessant, icy rain to snow, possibly localised flooding and other storms yet to come our way, pest control problems are still a real concern.

And so, in the last few weeks of winter, what advice can we offer our domestic and commercial pest control customers in West London?

Remain Vigilant

Pest problems take hold without us being aware but in winter, it pays to remain vigilant. Just like us, pests, from mice and rats through to squirrels and rabbits, prefer to ride out the winter in places that are safe and warm – and preferably with a ready food source close by.

Our West London homes and businesses, with central heating, are perfect. Refuse and recycling bins make for a perfect food supply for most pests.

What to look for…

Droppings and damage to materials, such as wood being gnawed or shredded, this could indicate a pest using materials for nesting. Some pests also leave an unpleasant ‘musty’ smell.


Deal with Potential Problems Quickly

When you discover a pest, time is of the essence. Pest problems can soon develop into ‘infestations’. In other words, the problem is acute and will take a lot more effort, time and treatment to be eradicated.

Shop bought remedies and treatments are rarely effective, simply because the concentration of a product that the public can purchase is nowhere near as potent as treatments that a professional pest controller can use.

We also have the training and skill to use them correctly so that only the target species is dealt with. Likewise, we also have the experience to understand how the local area and topography – the ‘lie of the land’ – will impact on the pest.

Professional pest control means a quicker and more cost-effective solution to a pest problem, big or small. We can also help in prevention measures too, an important part of professional pest control for business and domestic customers in West London.


Weather Plays a Part

In recent years, winters in the UK have been increasingly wet and stormy. This means that many pests have been forced from their natural habit and forced to find new nesting sites. Of course, weather can benefit pests too.

Most animals don’t want to come into contact with humans but when their natural habitat is under duress, they have little choice.

Rodents, including mice and rats, will often take up residence in garages, outbuildings and cellars. A field mouse may look cute and adorable but being continually incontinent means it is spreading potentially harmful pathogens on every surface it touches. Rats also spread bacterium harmful to humans.

In the event of bad weather, especially rain and flooding, check cellars, garages and other outbuildings for rodent activity. This can include shredded materials, as well as droppings. Rats also leave an unpleasant smell from their urine.


To Re-Cap

  • Keep an eye on key areas of your property that a pest would find beneficial, e.g. outbuildings, little-used sheds or garages, cellars and so on.
  • Look for tell-tale signs such as droppings, damage and small
  • Even if you are unsure what pest it is or even if you have a problem, our on-site assessment is free and quotations competitive