Winners of the Best Pest Control Company Award 2016 is… WEST LONDON PEST CONTROL

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West London Pest Control!

It is always an honour for any company or business to be recognised for the work that they do and for the team at West London Pest Control, it is no different.

The Facilities Management Awards are about the hidden heroes of the construction and corporate world. Run by the renowned magazine ‘Build’, these awards highlight the contributions individuals and companies make to the smooth and efficient running within facilities management.

In many ways, because it is part of a ‘job description’, the contributions people and companies make are often overlooked, going unnoticed in our ever-increasingly hectic world.

West London Pest Control was recognised in two categories – we were winners of the best Pest Control Company, London, and received an Award for Excellence in Rodent Proofing Solutions, London.

Why Pest Control is Important

The pest control profession hasn’t always enjoyed the best of reputations or image, something that is not uncommon in either the construction or facilities management sector. But managing and controlling pests is important;

  • Health hazard – all pests are a health hazard although how much of one varies from one pest to another. In the case of the Award for Excellence for Rodent Proofing Solutions, London, it highlights the importance of the ongoing need for effective and efficient proofing measures in the capital. Without these measures, the brown rat population would be much larger than it is, the health hazards and damage to property off the scale.
  • Damage to property – pests damage property too, especially in the case of rodents, a group of mammals that gnaw. Controlling and eradicating pests from properties is a cost-effective facilities management response. And West London Pest Control is proud to be sector-leading.
  • Reputation – our work is about maintaining a reputation for our commercial clients too. No business wants their customers to see live pests scuttling about the place or dead ones either.
  • Tolerance – our tolerance of pests is at an all-time low, and with good reason. This is why leading companies like ourselves are the busiest we ever have been.

2017 Nominations Now Being Taken

Winning this award and the Excellent Award for Rodent Proofing means that West London Pest Control is rubbing shoulders with other high-end companies, delivering effective solutions across all sectors of industry, construction and facilities management. Winners of various categories include Pickfords Removal Solutions and The London Linen Group and includes large businesses as well as consultants and sole traders.

We were winners last year and we look forward to seeing who the winners across all the categories are this year.