West London Pest Control Wins Trusted Trader Accolade!

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For any business owner, when your company wins an award or becomes part of a scheme, it is worth celebrating. And this is why West London Pest Control is proud to announce they are now part of the ‘Which?’ Trusted Traders Scheme.

But what does this really mean?

Ticking All the Right Boxes

For customers, choosing a company or tradesperson to complete a job used to be a leap of faith. Customers hoped that the job would be completed to a high standard and that the person they were letting into their homes or onto their business premises were not only trustworthy and honest but reliable, professional and qualified to deliver on a job safely, quickly and effectively.

This is certainly true when it comes to pest control. If nothing else, you want a pest control solution that is effective and delivered safely too. And with all of us keen on preserving and protecting the environment and wildlife, we want a pest control technician who operates in an ethical and legal manner.

And this is why here at West London Pest Control, we wanted to become part of the ‘Which?’ Trusted Traders scheme. We know that the service we offer is second-to-none, but we also wanted to make sure that this really was the case – and this scheme offers exactly that.

What is the ‘Which?’ Trusted Traders Scheme

It is a three-pronged process to become a trusted trader.  It is a stringent process and one that means not every trader or company will be successful. It is a scheme that has value for both trader and customer, which is all down to the assessment process, as well as the reputation of ‘Which?’, an organisation that has been testing products and putting businesses through their paces for six decades.

  • Firstly, the business is checked and assessed by ‘Which?’ – for example, it looked at the pest control services we offered, how we offer them to customers, along with value for money and so on.


  • Secondly, ‘Which?’ looked at the areas that we cover with our pest control service. This Trusted Traders scheme is all about customers finding tradespeople who are local to them. Whilst national and international companies have their place, it is the smaller, local businesses that are the backbone of the UK economy and as such, people want to support them as much as possible.

In terms of pest control, we also believe that local is best simply because we know the area, the terrain, both natural and manmade that impacts on how and why pests act as they do.


  • Thirdly, the scheme takes into account customer reviews. Even in this technological age, there is no match to the power that is word of mouth. When something is wrong, or the service falls below expectations, customers will tell others, just as they do when they come across a pest control service that not only delivers effective pest control but exceeds their expectations.

West London Pest Control, proud to be ‘Which?’ Trusted Trader.