Top 3 Pests to Watch Out For This Summer and How To Prevent Them:

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These creatures are most likely to be found in the kitchen if food is left out.


When an ant scout goes out to look for food it leaves a trail of pheromones that act as a guide to follow back to the nest. If he finds food he will quickly return to the nest and leave stronger pheromones for the rest to follow. That is why you find a great deal together when you lift a plate or move a bowl!


To prevent ants:


  • remove any dirty dishes or food immediately after use
  • keep all leftovers and food (especially sugar) in air tight containers
  • do not leave pet food down too long – ants aren’t fussy!!
  • Take rubbish out regularly
  • Use natural deterrents – curry powder, pepper, cinnamon or salt


If you fail to control the problem with these tips it may be time to call in a professional (see details below).




Although silverfish to do not pose a high threat to humans and pets, they re an annoying and unsightly pest.


However, in large numbers they can cause a lot of damage to property, such as ruining books, wallpaper, files and clothes.


To prevent silverfish:


  • put down some cedar or spray some cedar oil around crevices in your home
  • put down some dried bay leaves
  • don’t leave piles of mail or filing around your house (they love paper!)
  • vacuum very regularly to remove and dirt, food traces or dead skin (gross I know, but they love it!)
  • store clothes in air tight bins


If you see more than a few silverfish together over a period of time it may be time to call in a professional (see details below).




There is nothing more annoying than going to your wardrobe and pulling out your favourite dress, sweater or pair of trousers only to find that there are one or MULTIPLE tiny holes in them.

Moths are notoriously quite difficult to get rid of and unfortunately you normally only notice you have them once your favourite garments have to be chucked in the bin.


To prevent moths:


  • empty your wardrobe and then wash inside with soap and water
  • steam the inside of your wardrobe (this helps kill off any larvae)
  • store off season clothes in air tight bins (especially cashmere and silk – a moth’s favourite!)
  • put down cedar wood or hang cedar balls in your wardrobes
  • put lavender bags in wardrobes and clothes drawers


If these methods fail to prevent moths then it might be time to call a professional…


You can contact us via phone or email – please use this link to find your local pest controller: