Summer Pests and How To Prevent Them:

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With school holidays around the corner and a much-appreciated heat wave, it’s fair to say summer is approaching fast in the UK. However, the unfortunate news is that hot and sunny weather brings out the summer pests. These types of pests are a great threat to people (especially children and the elderly) and your home -especially at gatherings such as festivals and BBQs where food and drinks are present.


The hot weather means that pests are keen to get cool by nesting inside your home. You are more likely to see ants, wasps, gnats, wasps and more rodent activity in the garden and around your home during high temperatures.


Here are 7 ways to prevent summer pest problems escalating:


  • throw away over-ripened food and spoilt foods immediately
  • keep basements dry
  • block any holes up around the foundations of your house
  • maintain your gardens and landscaping
  • store firewood up against your home
  • don’t leave pet food dishes lying around for long amounts of time
  • don’t compile garbage outside for too long


We do heavily suggest that if you fail to prevent a summer pest problem that you do not attempt to deal with the extermination yourselves. A poor job aggravates pests and makes the situation more hazardous for those around, as well as wastes your time and money.  There is also an increased risk of property damage and injury in harder to reach places around the home.


Using pesticides yourself in the garden also poses a huge risk for your pets if not handled with utmost care. It’s better to call a professional.


We here at West London Pest Control are fully qualified (Pest Control Management certificate, awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health) to take care of wasp nests, rodent infestations, ant problems and many other pest control problems.


You can contact us via phone or email – please use this link to find your local pest controller:


Wishing you all a safe and happy summer.