Meet the West London Pest Control Team: Mark Cederberg

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Working alongside owner/operator Gary Coates at West London Pest Control are Marius Bejan and Mark Cederberg. In this article, we take a closer look at what pest control technician Mark brings his customers in N and NW postcodes.

Lesson from the Past

Like many pest control technicians. Mark used his past career as a springboard into the pest control profession. His building trade pedigree is also the reason why mark chooses to specialise in rodent proofing.

Rodents are an order of mammals that gnaw. There are many different animals classed as rodents, including the domesticated guinea pig as well as rabbits, hares and capybaras. They are a large group of mammals found on all continents bar Antarctica.

But here’s the thing: rodents are the most diversified mammalian order who have adapted well to life in human-made environments. In fact, rodents such as mice and rats, positively thrive on sharing our space with us.

As well as gnawing everything in sight, rats also present a serious health hazard to humans and this is why Mark chose to specialise in rodent proofing measures.

With his background in the building trade, Mark understands how some properties can aid rats (and mice) in how and where they choose to make their nests and so on.

Other Pests Too

But Mark doesn’t just deal with rats, mice and other rodents. As you would expect from a qualified pest control technician, Mark deals with any pest, whether they are bothering you at home or at work.

With one eye on safety, Mark, like Gary and Marius, appreciate the discomfort that pest problems bring. They can make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in and around your home and for businesses, they pose a real threat to the success of your business.

But Mark has noticed a change in attitude. “Years ago, people were embarrassed and distressed to admit they had a pest problem, especially bugs in the house but,” continues Mark, “in recent times I’ve noticed that people are becoming less tolerant of pests”.

Better Informed

Being better informed with access to the internet – but take care where you get your information from! – Mark believes that people are understanding better the issues and hazards with pests.

“But I think it’s modern life too”, he says “because people just don’t have the time to waste on remedies that don’t work. The issues around using poison in the home and business premises also mean people are choosing to call the professionals – and this is a good thing!” With more of us also being keen to protect our local environment and non-target wildlife species and pets, the safest option is to call West London Pest Control.

Mark will deal with any pest problem in N and NW postcodes so call him on 07919 444 329.