Meet the West London Pest Control Team: Gary Coates

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Offering effective and safe pest control solutions, the team at West London Pest Control have many years’ experience between them, as well as an impressive array of qualifications. But we thought you would like to get to know them better and so in this post, we take a closer look at team member and owner, Gary Coates.

Life Before Pest Control

Some people are fortunate to find their career niche early on, whereas some technicians come to pest control after serving in other careers. Gary spent two decades serving in the military, but the experiences and skill of this former career are not wasted.

Planning is key when it comes to effective pest control. Positive identification of the pest leads to a greater understanding of how the pest will react when something new is placed in its environment, such as a trap or other pest control tools.

This pragmatic approach is borne out of twenty years military service, the skills and experiences of which never disappear.

A Rising Star of Pest Control

There is a saying that we will all have our 15 minutes of fame, but Gary’s possibly exceeds this. The world of pest control was once murky and ‘not talked about’ but with modern pest control being an important and accepted part of rural and urban living.

Gary’s appearance on the BBC programme ‘Oxford Street’ highlights the work he does to ensure vermin and pests that could be injurious to health are kept safely (and humanely) at bay.

Modern Pest Control

Gone are the days when poison was laid, and hands washed of the problem. There is much, much more to modern pest control, a fact Gary is keen to share with business and domestic customers.

Safety is a key issue for all customers and this is taken care in that Gary holds a current Criminal Records Bureau check (now the Disclosure and Barring Service) and that all services he offers are insured, as well as guaranteed.

With an impressive array of skills and qualifications, including being Site Safety Supervisor qualified, he also holds additional certificates such as water rescue and works safely within ‘Working at height’ regulations.

As well as safety, you want to know that everything Gary does is humane, and this can only really be assured by using a qualified, experienced pest controller. Pests may be a nuisance but that is no excuse for them to suffer a painful or lingering death.

As well as the ‘basic’ Pest Control & Management qualification, Gary is a highly-sought-after technician as he boasts a range of specialist skills and qualifications. And that means a response to a pest control situation that is safe, humane and measured.

The Right Person to Call

All this adds up to one thing – no matter what the pest or where it is, with Gary you always get the professional response and service you need.