Meet the West London Pest Control Team: Spencer Willmott

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Let’s be honest, no one likes the thought of sharing their own with bugs, insects or other unwanted pests.

It is embarrassing to ‘admit’ to a pest problem, no matter what the pest. There is always a feeling that you should or could have prevented it, or that your hygiene and cleaning regime is at fault. You may feel responsible, guilty and assume that you are doing something wrong.

And so, when you do pluck up the courage to call us, you do so with gritted teeth. You will be surprised to learn that we have ‘heard it all before’. Team member Spencer Willmott covers calls from W postcodes areas and is empathetic and understanding in his approach to pest control. And he understands your embarrassment, but as you will find out, there is no need to be…

A ‘Can Do’ Approach

Frankly, discovering a flea problem in your couch or cockroaches in the kitchen cabinets, you want it sorted – and fast. You don’t want hysteria or attention drawn to the problem; you want a no fuss, ‘can do’ approach. And when Spencer turns up on your doorstep, that is exactly what you get.

Spencer, like many other pest control technicians, found that this kind of work was a natural progression from his previous career. When you empty water down the drains, you think no more of it, but someone has to keep drains and sewers running free, which is exactly what Spencer did before he became a professional and qualified pest controller.

Sewers and drains are ‘pest motorways’, offering pests an infrastructure to move quickly and unhindered by human interference from one place to another. The ‘stuff’ that’s down there also makes for a nutritious meal for some pests…

A Health Issue

ALL pests pose a health issue, but some more than others. And this is why not matter what the pest, you really do need to call in the services of a professional pest control technician.

In terms of pest control, professional means not only being qualified but maintaining a high level of commitment to continuous ongoing training, an important factor is Spencer’s service to businesses and domestic customers.

Like Gary and his colleague Mark Cederberg, Spencer is more than qualified to deal with any pest. As well as being an active member of the British Pest Control Association, Spencer is qualified with the Level 2 qualification in ‘Pest Control and Management’.

There is also a need for a pragmatic and practical approach to pest control as no two assignments, no matter how similar they look or sound, are the same. Reactions of customers differ too. A family home needs a different approach to a food service customer, for example, and yet they both want and need the same outcome: the pest problem dealt with.

A Great Response

For the response you need and want, look no further than West London Pest Control. For customers in W postcodes, call Spencer on 07725 906 900.