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Common March Pests – Squirrels

With the worst of the winter behind us, March is the time the flora, fauna and wildlife slowly come back to life. From bunnies hopping across dew-laden fields to small birds flying the nest, spring is a wonderful time.

But, it can also signal the start of pest control ‘season’. Spring brings new life in abundance and for some pests, this means finding a new home. Unfortunately, this can be our homes and businesses.

No one wants to share their space with a pest, no matter how ‘cute’ it may look. In this article, we take a quick look at a pest we commonly deal with at homes and business across West London: grey squirrels


The Grey Squirrel

The grey squirrel was introduced into the UK in the 19th Century. Bigger and more robust than our native red squirrel, its population has multiplied rapidly. Carrying a virus that depleted red squirrel numbers, the grey squirrel is considered by many a pest.

The grey squirrel, like many other animals in the UK, hibernates over winter but if the season is mild, they may be spotted from time to time. With temperatures cold and food low in supply, grey squirrels spend the remaining weeks on autumn gathering and storing as much food as they can.

On waking in spring, they have two things on their mind; eating and breeding. And this is why squirrels can become ‘confused’, favouring the loft of a building over a nesting site in the trees.

Desperate to make their nest in a safe space, they will often find their way into buildings. But there are problems with this:

  • Damage – squirrels are like other rodents with teeth that continually grow. They need to gnaw to stop them from becoming too long but also gnaw at materials for nesting material too.
  • Noise – the noise of a grey squirrel scrabbling around in your loft will be unbearable.

If food is plentiful and their drey (or nest) is in a good place, they may have a second litter of young in April.

Getting Rid of Grey Squirrels

Clearly, sharing your home or business premises in West London with a brood of grey squirrels is not an option.

As with other pests, there are specific ways in which they must be handled. You cannot cause a grey squirrel, even if it is a pest, any unnecessary harm or distress. For example, sealing the hole into the loft and trapping them to die a slow and painful death could lead to a heavy fine.

The best solution – the only solution – is to call a professional pest control company. At West London Pest Control, we have the skills and tools needed to humanely deal with grey squirrels.


Grey Squirrels: A Recap

If you have a problem with a grey squirrel, you MUST call us because;

  1. It is illegal to release a grey squirrel back into the wild
  2. The only acceptable solution is to humanely euthanise the squirrels, something only a qualified pest controller or a vet can do
  3. The damage a squirrel family in your building will cause will run into thousands of pounds.


Squirrels are just one pest we deal with for commercial and domestic pest control customers in West London. And we can help you!