Grey Squirrels

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Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels are a pest we deal with regularly. They are small but can cause havoc to both humans and other animals. Grey squirrels have reproduced at an extremely quick rate and paired with their aggressive nature have caused the red squirrel species to almost die out. This is why red squirrels are now protected. Below we have some helpful information about grey squirrels.


What do they look like?

  • Grey in colour although this can vary throughout the year when they shed their coats
  • They do not have tufts on their ears, unlike red squirrels
  • Larger in size than red squirrels
  • Grey squirrels have different colour bands on their tails and white tips whereas red squirrels only have one colour on their tails


Where can you find them?

They like to nest in tree trunks or in between tree branches. If they are able to gain access, you can also find them in attic spaces and roofs. If they are in your attic then you are very likely to hear them due to the noise they can make.


What do they eat?

Grey squirrels like to eat things like fruits, nuts, and small birds. They are drawn in by bird feeders especially as this is a very accessible food source that is refilled regularly.


What else do we know?

  • These squirrels live between 5 and 7 years usually
  • They will chew through many materials- they can chew through electrical wires and fibreglass insulation. They can also chew through wood, including stripping bark off of trees which in turn can cause them to die
  • Can swim very well
  • They can hang upside down
  • Their droppings actually contaminate water, so be mindful if you have any standing water containers
  • Can be vicious in nature, towards other animals and humans
  • Squirrels like to bury their food, so you may find holes being dug in your lawn


If you have a grey squirrel pest problem, then please give us a call. We can help!