Flea Pest Control in London

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Common March Pests – Fleas

“Invasion of the Super-Flea” screamed the headlines in summer 2017. Pet owners were told to be aware of a flea that was expected to hit our shores in late summer of last year. What made it a super-flea was its ability to reproduce quickly and in larger numbers – 50 eggs in one ‘laying’ according to one article – and the fact it seemed impervious to any kind of treatment.

What is the real story behind the flea?


The Cat Flea

Fleas – more correctly known as the cat flea – is the tiny creature that enjoys a blood meal from your dog, your cat, other pets and you too.

There are a few common myths about fleas, however. For example, fleas are not just an issue found in households with pets; they infest business premises as they can a non-pet household by hitching a lift on our bags and clothing.


Flea Prevention

In some ways, we think that fleas are becoming more of a problem, hence headlines such as the super-flea that seems to be able to withstand everything from heat to chemical treatments. If we understand what attracts fleas and what they need to thrive, we can make changes to prevent an infestation occurring. Or do as much as we can.

Fleas enjoy the warmth, humidity and the relative safety of our homes and business premises, taking refuge in carpets, rugs, curtains, upholstered chairs and sofas. They are not fussy either, synthetic and natural fabrics will do. Regular deep cleaning, emptying the vacuum every time we have used it and other things like this help to prevent fleas becoming embedded.


Flea Treatments

There are over-the-counter remedies but there is no guarantee they will work. Some can also be detrimental to pets in the home, such as ‘flea bomb’ particles being hazardous to fish.

There is some truth that cat fleas – the flea that enjoys living on our pets – do become immune to chemicals, especially when they have been overused. Checking your pet regularly for adult fleas, nymphs and eggs is the best course of action and investing in a flea comb that removes them from their skin and fur.

Visit your vet and buy flea treatment from them so that you have the latest, most effective treatment for your pet.


A Professional Pest Control Solution

Fleas are a nuisance but for treatment to be effective, the life cycle of the flea needs to be understood and taken into account when treating and cleaning the home or business. A persistent flea problem could be a sign of another issue but with many customers needlessly embarrassed about a flea infestation, they delay calling us.

To recap, a flea infestation will not go away on its own and you should call the team at West London Pest Control because;

  1. The problem can be bigger than you think and will soon take hold from one or two fleas to potentially thousands
  2. We have the methods and knowledge to deal with a flea problem, no matter how big or small
  3. You must treat any pets on the same day we treat your property – visit your vet for the correct treatment.