Do you have mice problems in your home?

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Do you have mice problems in your home?

The winter months are upon us now and is a prime time for rodents to begin looking for somewhere to settle down for the colder months. Mice are a common problem we receive calls about around this time. Here are some interesting points about mice and some tips on how to mouse proof your home:


  • They are pretty sly in the way they get into your home. You don’t often see mice outside, this is because they prefer to use underground pathways laid out by cabling and piping into our homes. These pathways allow mice to gain access to many areas of your home, like the bathroom or kitchen.
  • They thrive in locations that are warm and have a good source of food. Interestingly, mice have incredibly strong teeth and are able to chew through substantial materials such as soft metals and cables, so they can create their own pathways within your home.
  • Although they search for food, water and warmth, they are actually able to survive on minimal sustenance which means unless you can see their droppings or hear them in the wall, the chances are you may not even know you have mice!
  • They have an investigative nature, they love to explore and find new areas to create nests and find new food sources.
  • They are wonderful climbers. They can easily scale walls so can find access to any part of the house.


What can you do?

  • Keep food in sealable containers
  • Keep kitchen counters and floors free of food and drink debris
  • Keep the kitchen area as clean as possible
  • Remove pet food/drink from the floor during the night
  • Keep rubbish bags sealed and where possible away from the home
  • Block all entry points-for example vents in garages, foundation cracks, joints around windows and door seals


If you think you may have a mice problem, please do give us a call.