Bird Proofing

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Bird Proofing

Birds can be a real pest problem. They are noisy, messy and can cause some serious damage if not dealt with. We get calls regularly asking advice about how to proof against birds for both commercial and domestic properties.


So why do we do it?

Birds are very quick to adapt to their surroundings. They can nest just about anywhere. Their nests themselves are problematic. They can cause issues if found in guttering or chimneys. If the weight is too much, the guttering can split, but the materials that they use to build their nest can also block the guttering system which can cause a whole different set of issues. Birds are typically unhygienic, they are carriers of diseases and also parasites like mites and fleas. The diseases spread by bird poop or guano are considered a health risk so bird infestations should be treated quickly and professionally. Bird poop is also acidic, if left on a surface it can cause erosion and of course is unsightly.


How do we do it?

There are different types of bird proofing. The type of proofing selected is usually dependant on the species of bird. Below are some examples of bird proofing options;

  • Netting- this is done to discourage birds from nesting predominately. If they cannot nest, they are more likely to move on to a different location.
  • Spikes-these are used to stop birds from landing. Ledges on buildings, lamp posts and even wall tops can be fitted with spikes.
  • Chimney cowl/gutter planes- birds with roost and nest in a number of different locations. A chimney breast is the perfect place, they are not bothered and it provides a good amount of shelter. Fitting a cowl restricts birds being able to nest in your chimney. Gutter planes are great too, they are quite new to the market but they are good deterrents as they move when they sense the weight of a bird.


If you have any problems with birds, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We can offer advice and fix your bird infestation efficiently and effectively.