Bees, Wasps and Insects – Spring Pest Control

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Bees, Wasps and Insects – Spring Pests

As spring finally announces its arrival, we look forward to warm sunshine, longer days and plenty of life in the garden. Everything wakes from its winter slumber, including insects, wasps and bees.

For most people, creepy crawlies and wasps – sometimes the bee too – are their least favourite creatures. And no wonder! The bee and the wasp can deliver a nasty sting. Insects in the UK tend to be non-venomous but there is something unpleasant about their scuttling, their many pairs of legs and strange habits.

Sharing our homes with them is a definite no. And sharing our outdoor space with them can present a problem too.

Where do Spring Pests Come From?

Insects, including wasps and bees, cannot survive the cold of winter. Their bodies are too small and not insulated well enough to withstand the cold. And so most insects and bugs lay their eggs in protected places so that once the cold of winter has gone, new life emerges.

Bees and wasps have ‘mated queens’, females who are ready to lay eggs when the spring comes. They seek shelter in sheds, trees, shrubs, you name it and once the warmth of spring arrives, they emerge, lay their eggs and their life cycle begins all over again.

Are Bees, Wasps and Insects a Big Problem?

It depends on;

  • What they are
  • Where they are
  • And how many of them

For example, the garden ant is a common sight in West London gardens. They don’t cause us too many problems, but you don’t want thousands of ants crawling up your doorframes and raiding the food cupboards for jam and other sweet treats.

Bees and wasps, however, can cause us a few problems. Both have a sting in their tail, the venom in which can cause some people to go into anaphylaxis, a sometimes-critical state of shock where the body shuts down. Unless they receive treatment immediately, it can be fatal.

The problem is that we don’t know if we are allergic until we are stung. And thus, sharing your West London business or home with wasps or bees is not a good idea.


Many customers believe that bees are protected in the UK, but this is not the case. However, we recognise how important the bee is to our environment and so we try to relocate a bee nest or hive, rather than exterminate the colony. However, public safety guides pest control decisions and actions.

Professional Pest Control Solutions for Wasps, Bees and Insects in West London

Insects are tough creatures, despite their size. They can hide easily and with their reproductive abilities also being robust, dealing with insect infestations, inside or outside your home or business, is best left to the professionals.

And certainly, when it comes to bees and wasps, dealing with a nest or hive yourself can lead to nasty painful stings, resulting in possible anaphylaxis.

We have the equipment, the knowledge and the experience to not only deal SAFELY with wasps, bees and insects but also in their prevention too. Insect problems can also be symptomatic of a bigger problem and thus, we take a holistic approach dealing with the immediate problem and any outlying issues too.