Bed Bug Problems

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Bed Bug Problems

Bed bugs are an increasing problem for pest controllers. In the past, they have mainly been associated with being a problem in hotel environments, but their adaptable behaviour means that they are now found in multitude of places.


Bed bugs can make themselves at home in your clothes and suitcases, so it is always good practice to check your bags before you leave a location.


They are very small but can be seen with the naked eye, if you look carefully enough. They are very quick movers, and good at hiding in sheet corners and even headboards. They are nocturnal by nature and normally brownish in colour. They can survive for months without a blood meal so are pretty hardy insects.


Signs to look out for;

  • small dark spots on bedding
  • unexplained bites to the skin
  • shed skins from adults
  • a musty or sweet smell if they have been resident for a while


Tips—check the room you are staying in for signs of bed bug activity, checking sheet seams, headboards etc, check luggage before leaving a location as they like to hitch a ride.


If you think you may have a bed bug problem in your home, please do get in touch.