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  • Rodents,
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Difficulty with pests in Hanwell?

You don’t have to share your home or business premises with any pest. You can also live pest-free in the garden and outbuildings too.

Can all pests be dealt with?

Yes they can. I’m Spencer Willmott and, as a fully qualified pest control technician holding the Level 2 award in ‘Pest Control & Management’ awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health, I know exactly how to deal with each and every pest.

Undoubtedly, some pests are more common than others and, in recent years, there has a resurgence in the instances and infestations of others that we commonly associated with life from many years ago. There are all kinds of reasons why pests become an issue;

  • As our lifestyles and habits change, some pests find them attractive. The need to recycle is great but storing rotting food in bins and bags, ready for kerbside collection, is offering many scavenging pests a nightly meal. By making small changes, many pests will instantly be discouraged.
  • The built environment can also encroach on habitat that was initially their territory and this can cause confusion. However, what is more the case is that the built environment we create, provides a pest with the ability to move around far better, and undetected by humans. Just think of rats in sewers…
  • The weather also plays a role. Prolonged wet or cold weather, flooding and so on al all contributing factors to some animals being pushed from their normal habitat and in to ours.

The ecology of an area is finely balance and it does not take much for it to change; in an instant, an insect, bird or animal can become a nuisance pest.

How I can help

As part of West London Pest Control, I work in and around Hanwell, as well as other areas within W7, on a frequent basis. I bring skill and experience to every assignment;

  • As well as my pest control qualifications, I also bring many skills and experienced from my time in the Army and the Fire & Rescue Service
  • I am trained in many specialists areas, including the ability to identify risks and hazards, imperative in pest control work; I have completed a General Certificate in Health & Safety through the National Examining Board in Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH)
  • No pest cannot be dealt and no situation is off limits: I have received Confined Space Training, along with training of working at height.
  • Safety for customers as well as myself is something I take very seriously, thus I am First Aid trained, trained in water rescue, manual handling and so on
  • I only use safe and humane methods to deal with pests; no animal or bird should suffer unnecessarily; in fact, it is a crime to inflict suffering on an animal or bird, even if it is considered a pest

For a discreet, immediate and effective response for pest control issues in Hanwell and W7 as a whole, call me for a free onsite quotation.