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  • Rodents,
  • Rats,
  • Mice,
  • Squirrels,
  • Rabbits,
  • Moles,
  • Foxes
  • Wasps,
  • Bees,
  • Flies,
  • Moths
  • Insects,
  • Spiders,
  • Ants,
  • Bugs,
  • Beetles,
  • Bedbugs,
  • Fleas

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Pests can give to rise to all kinds of emotions…

  • Fear – insects such as wasps and bees that could deliver a nasty, if not fatal sting, are often feared by many people
  • Embarrassment – many people assume that pests are attracted to dirty or unhygienic conditions; this is not the case! Fleas for example, enjoy the warmth and humidity of our centrally heated homes and, the cleaner the better
  • Anxiety – some pests make us feel anxious, as we are aware that they can cause us problems. Rats and mice can make us ill, as they make an area infected with a bacterium that makes humans ill
  • Intolerant – dodging birds as they dive-bomb people to protect their nests can make living or working in Ealing difficult

As a result of a mixture of these emotions and more, people often delay calling a professional pest control company in W5 but, sometimes treating the infestation with the wrong method or wrong chemical treatment can contribute to its spread.

Don’t take chances, call me – Spencer Willmott at West London Pest Control.

Prompt, efficient and humane pest control service

As part of the comprehensive service offered to all customer in and around Ealing, everything assignment is fully insured and guaranteed.

With many years’ experience in both the military and Fire & Rescue Service, I bring a combination of skills and qualifications to any pest control assignment;

  • The Level 2 award in ‘Pest Control & Management’ from Royal Society of Public Health is a comprehensive qualification that covers the treatment of ALL pests but the safe use of insecticides and pesticides too
  • Health and safety is imperative to protect not only you and your family, but the general public and non-target species too. The health and safety in practice qualification from the National Examination Board in Occupation Safety and Health (NEBOSH) covers the identification of hazards and the actions to be taken
  • For many commercial customers such as Local Authorities, holding the Confined Space Training certification is important for dealing with pests in enclosed spaces
  • I hold a glut of additional, specialist training certificates including: First Aid, Water Rescue, Awareness of working at height regulations, manual handling and so on
  • I stay up to date with all the latest, modern methods of pest control as a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA)

All my work in Ealing and other areas within the W5 area is insured and guaranteed too.

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Being plagued or under siege in your home or workplace by an unwanted pest is no laughing matter. For an immediate and effective response, call me. Onsite assessment and quotations are free of charge.