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Pests are everywhere. Sometimes the type of pest found varies from place to place as the built environment can offer the perfect conditions to a pest to live, feed, breed and nest.

Many streets in London have buildings and alley ways that interconnect; these make great ‘races’ for rodents and is where the phrase ‘rat race’ comes from. It allows pests to move about freely and undetected by humans, most of the time.

But when pest numbers swell, they can be over-spill their natural habitat and in their search for a new home, find that buildings, gardens, garages, cellars, work premises and so on, make a great refuge. Unfortunately, we don’t feel the same way.

Have a pest problem in and around Great Portland Street?

Many people are reluctant to admit to a pest infestation. Many people think that pests are attracted to insanitary or unhygienic conditions. In the main, pests are attracted to places that are warm, safe and with a ready food supply close by.

Our homes and businesses can be the perfect setting.

Calling West London Pest Control means that you get…

  • An effective service

We are far less tolerant and far less comfortable in living or dealing with pests thus, many people want an immediate, effective response. I’m Spencer Willmott and that is exactly what I offer as part of a comprehensive pest control and eradication service.

  • A professional service

Holding qualifications in ‘Pest Control & Management’ from the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH), as well as safety training, such as health and safety in practice from the National Examining Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) and Confined Space Training, every aspect of the service is safe and carried out professionally.

  • Safe treatments

It is illegal to cause unnecessary harm to any animal or bird, thus by staying up to date as a member of the British Pest Control Association, all treatments are human and safe for use in a variety of areas, from the home to public spaces.

  • Specialist

Some pests require specialist knowledge and treatment, including such methods as prevention and proofing. Likewise, I hold a variety of additional qualifications and training in firearms, water rescue, first aid, manual handling and so on. I also bring many skills and abilities from my background in the Army, followed by 7 years in the Fire & Rescue Service.

  • Insured and guaranteed

Finally, every pest control assignment in W1W is insured and the results guaranteed.

Why not call us for a free onsite assessment and quotation? Working in the Great Portland Street area in a frequent basis, I can respond immediately to your call for help in eradicating pests of all kinds.