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  • Rodents,
  • Rats,
  • Mice,
  • Squirrels,
  • Rabbits,
  • Moles,
  • Foxes
  • Wasps,
  • Bees,
  • Flies,
  • Moths
  • Insects,
  • Spiders,
  • Ants,
  • Bugs,
  • Beetles,
  • Bedbugs,
  • Fleas

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CONTACT Combat Pest Control for W areas

Meet the Coates brothers, who both served in the British Army together. To learn more, click here.

Meet Michael Coates of Combat Pest Control

Michael (Combat Pest Control founder) & Gary (West London Pest Control founder) are brothers that both served in the British Army together, so they have ALWAYS been part of a team.

Combat Pest Control & West London Pest Control are now in partnership. Combat will be servicing all new enquiries in the W postcode areas. Call now and you will be put through to Combats operations team and all works will be carried out using Combats systems, pricing and accountability.

What happens when you call Combat Pest Control?

As a professional company, we make sure that every customer, domestic and commercial, have not only an immediate response but an effective one too.

And every assignment undergoes the same methodical assessment process:

  1. Onsite assessment
    Every assignment starts with a thorough assessment of the pest infestation or issue. I determine not only what the pest is, but how much of a problem it is. This in turn informs the range of options and methods open to deal with the issue. It is true to say that in terms of pest control, dealing with a pest problem quickly and in the early stages guarantees a quicker fix.
  2. Feedback and quotation
    Once the assessment is complete, I feedback to you everything about the pest problem and the options for eradication or control. As part of this, I include a free, no obligation quotation.
  3. Treatment
    Once the best course of action is decided upon, I start the treatment process. You will be advised if pets, children, employees, public etc. need to be excluded from an area and for how long. Likewise, I will also ensure you understand the process and how many return visits, if needed, will be made.
  4. Prevention advice
    But my comprehensive service does not stop there. When the immediate pest problem is eradicated or under control, I suggest a whole swathe of measures that can be adopted in order to prevent, as far as possible, any future infestations or issues.

Skilled, experienced and qualified

But, having confidence that the professional pest control company can deal with the issue is important.

Regularly working with both domestic and commercial clines in Soho and other area of the W1F and W1D postcode area, means that I can respond immediately – and you can be pest-free in next to no time!