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A pest is any insect, bird, rodent or animal that is causing you a problem, from being a nuisance to attempting to invade your home, business or outdoor space.

Some animals and birds are protected to maintain and boost their population. For other pests, this is not the case. Dealing with any pests quickly and humanely is simply essential, no matter what it is or how much it is detested.

The only truly safe option for dealing with any pest is to call a professional pest controller.

How do West London Pest Control deal with a pest problem?

Some pest problems are one-off assignments that are quickly resolved. Other pest problems can take more effort, resources, skills and know-how which is why for any pest problem in Uxbridge, you should call us;

  • Local landscape and area – there are times when the topography of the local area favours some pests over others. Understanding how this contributes to a pest problem is important in offering solutions that will work. This is why a local pest control to UB9, UB10 and UB11 postcode areas is essential.
  • Identifying the pest – some pests present in similar ways to others. For example, carpet beetles and moths leave similar looking damage in carpets and clothing, but treatment for each is different. Incorrect application as well as applying the wrong substance will not make a difference to the pest and in some cases, can make the infestation worse.
  • Assessing the scale of the problem – seen a mouse around? Or maybe a rat scurrying across the garage? Maybe you’ve notice an ant or two in the kitchen, or more wasps than usual hanging around? It may not seem a big problem but, the extent of the pest infestation can be significant. Thus, we assess the scale of the problem and how this impacts on the treatment option possible.
  • Prevention – there are times when our habits or the local environment can make property or gardens etc. favourable to a pest. When this is the case, small changes can have a big impact. This is why we offer long term prevention advice to all our customers.

Why West London Pest Control?

There are many reasons why we are the right pest control company to call;

  • Qualified – Paul and his team hold a comprehensive qualification in the shape of the Level 1 award, ‘Rodent & Insect Control’ from the Royal Society of Public Health. A comprehensive course, this qualification covers the safe eradication and control of rats and mice as well as a variety of insects like moths, flies, carpet beetles, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches and more.
  • Humane – all treatment options are humane, as are all practices used by West London Pest Control. Up to date with current pest control methods also means that non-target species are protected too.
  • Trusted – all work is covered by a comprehensive Public Liability Insurance.

Pest problem in UB9, UB10 and UB11?

From ants in the kitchen, to problems with birds destroying the façade of your building, West London Pest Control have the affordable and effective solution. Call us today.