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Why do some pests seem more common at certain times of the year than others? Why is it that a pest problem seems to ‘just happen’, and so quickly? Why is that some shop-bought treatments don’t get rid of the problem?

You will have many questions when it comes to a pest problem but the most common is ‘can you make the pest problem disappear?’.

Dealing with a pest control issue is no longer a simple case of laying poison and assuming it will work. And this is why that no matter what the pest is or where it is, if you have a pest control problem in West Drayton, you should call West London Pest Control.

Why you need the professional services of West London Pest Control

As qualified and professional pest control technicians, Paul and his team offer a four-step approach to pest control;

  1. Identify the pest – one pest can behave in a similar way to another. But the treatment needed to deal with them ca be quite different. This is why buying a remedy over the counter may not make any difference as you may be treating the wrong pest with the wrong product. We ensure we know exactly what we are dealing with.
  2. Assess the scale of the problem – the pest you can see may be only a small part of the overall problem. This is why there is a saying that when you see one rat, there will be several more back in the nest. Understanding the scale of the problem also informs the best treatment options and methods.
  3. Treatment options – everything we do, every technique we use, every substance we use is humane. We also ensure that as far as possible, that all non-target species are not harmed with pest control eradication or control methods.
  4. Long term view – dealing with some pest control problems are on-off solutions. But there are many more cases that require a longer-term view. This may be in the form of proofing measures, such as bird proofing a building or rabbit proofing land. It may also be in the form of prevention advice, as well as changes to habits and landscape around your property. We work hard to make sure that you don’t need to call us again!

Professional approach from a professional company in West Drayton

When dealing with a pest problem, you want confidence and peace of mind that the pest control company can deal effectively with the problem.

Offering and affordable service throughout UB7 and UB8 postcode areas, you can trust that our service is the right one for you;

  • Qualified – Paul and his team hold the Level 1 qualification, ‘Rodent & Insect Control’ awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health. A comprehensive course, this qualification ensures safe practice, as well as controlling and eradicating pests in all situations.
  • Trusted – comprehensive Public Liability Insurance covers every assignment undertaken

Fast, effective and professional response to your call

When you discover a pest problem, no matter what pest or where it is, you want the problem resolved – quickly and effectively.

For all pest problems in and around West Drayton, call West London Pest Control now.