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When does a pest become a ‘pest’?

We are surrounded by insects, birds, animals and rodents. They are essential to the balance of the local and global eco-system. We need these insects to perform essential tasks, such as bees pollinating food crops and plants. We need birds to eat the insects and so on. We are all part of the large circle of life and food.

Most of the time, we co-exist without too many problems. But when insects, animals, birds or rodents try to share our homes and business premises, inside and out, with us, they become a nuisance. Some pests also present a hazard to our health.

Why do pest control problems happen?

There are many reasons;

  • Confusion – a pest can mistake our home, businesses, outbuildings as a safe place to nest etc.
  • Food – the availability of an abundant food supply is attractive, hence rats like refuse bins and composts.
  • Weather – prolonged weather patterns favour some pests, such as the long hot summer of 1976 and a huge population explosion of ladybirds, or flooding forcing rodents to find new homes away from river banks.
  • Our habits – our habits can also be attractive to some pests, such as not covering refuse bins or the trend for keeping chickens in urban gardens, attractive to all kinds of rodents and other pests.
  • Built environment – building roads and properties disturb the habitat for some animals, such as moles, leading them to adapt but this means they can end up living in the middle of football and other sporting pitches!

How can West London Pest Control help you?

We offer a professional pest control service, backed by experience and skills. Paul and his team are highly trained and hold RSPH qualification in ‘Rodent & Insect Control’.

Can we deal with all pests in UB5 and UB6 postcode areas?

We deal with a large range of pests, both in the home as well as at commercial premises. We can also control pests in outdoor settings, from garages and sheds, to sewers and around business premises.

The smallest pest can cause a big problem, and with some pests – such as bees and wasps – presenting a significant hazard to your health, always call West London Pest Control.

Why call us?

It’s not just skills and experience we bring to every pest control assignment, but local knowledge too. Understanding why some pests are a problem more than others in an area is important for offering effective control and eradication solutions.

Our work is guaranteed and insured with Public Liability Insurance, so you have peace of mind when you call West London Pest Control to deal with a pest problem in and around Northolt and Greenford.