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It came from nowhere. One minute, they weren’t there; the next minute, you were inundated with it. Pests can strike anywhere, at any time.

There are reasons why a pest control problem seems to happen in a blink of an eye. It may be that the warning signs had been there for some time but you were unaware.

It may be that there were elements combining and conspiring to make for an ideal environment in which a certain pest could thrive. Weather, the local environment, the built environment and changes in our habits attract and repel pests.

And when a situation in Hayes looks attractive to a pest, it will move in. Getting rid of a pest can be a long-term project or may require specialist treatments and methods.

No matter what the pest and no matter how big or small you think the problem is, calling a local, professional pest control company in UB3 and UB4 that offers a responsive, discreet pest control service is essential. And that’s why your call should be to West London Pest Control.

One call to West London Pest Control is all it takes

  • Responsive – we understand that discovering you are sharing your property or garden with an unwanted pest is uncomfortable and frightening. Customers often feel embarrassed too. But there is no need as we understand that the ideal living conditions for us, are also perfect for many rodents, animals, bugs and birds too.
  • Effective – due to the nature of some pests and the threats they pose to human health, you want a solution. You want the problem dealing with quickly, but you also want pest control methods and treatments to be effective.
  • Discreet – for all customers, the need for a discreet service is essential. This is certainly true for business customers, especially those in the food service industry. You want professional pest control and management, without the hassle and the drama.

Get the best pest control and management in Hayes

West London Pest Control offer a range of control and management techniques, backed by qualifications, skills and experience;

  • Level 1 ‘Rodent & Insect Control’ ensures Paul and his team have the latest methods and techniques for controlling all pests in all situations
  • Paul and the team at West London Pest Control are known for reliability and professionalism

What pests?

We deal with all pests from ants, bees, bedbugs, flies and wasps, to rats, mice, beetles, squirrels, foxes and more. No pest control problem is too big or too small. For a fast response and an effective service in Hayes, call West London Pest Control today.