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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

Don’t let pests get the better of you in TW9 and TW10!

Pests are everywhere. They are the small bugs, the birds, the rodents and animals that we see – and sometimes don’t see too often, if at all – that form an important part of the environment and ecological balance.

But sometimes these creatures and critters can be out of control and, when that happens, they can end up encroaching on our space. This makes us feel anxious and uncomfortable, as well as fearful and embarrassed.

The very fact that they can be common animals and birds, and so on, means that embarrassment is not necessary when you call me, Gary Coates of West London Pest Control. Like us, pests prefer to nest and raise their young in places that are clean, safe, free from predators and with a ready supply of food close-by. In other words, our homes and business in Richmond, Sheen and Kew make the perfect venue.

Why do pests need dealing with?

Some pests can be dangerous. The cockroach, for example, spreads salmonella as it scuttles about the floor, walls, ceiling, work surfaces and so on. If we ingested this, we can become very ill in a short period of time.

Rodents are constantly excreting urine and with rats, they also secrete a bacterium, natural to their gut but dangerous to our health. Again, rats or mice in or around the home or business in TW9 and TW10 must be dealt with quickly, and effectively.

Not all pests are dangerous, but more of a nuisance. However, they can cause damage to a property. Bird droppings can be erosive to building materials, carpet beetles eat the soft furnishings, moths eat stored clothes… the list could go on and on.

Why call West London Pest Control?

When you discover a pest in or around your home or business, you want it gone – and fast! As a qualified pest control technician, I have the skills and abilities, as well as extensive knowledge on how to deal with ALL pests in ALL situations.

Qualified to a high standard – I hold the level 2 award ‘Pest Control & Management’ from the Royal Society of Public Health – I can identify and deal with all pests common in the UK.

Some pests are a little more stubborn and tenacious in their habits. Thus, I have completed several additional training courses such as rodent control, proofing and preventative techniques and so on. Being a member of Basis PROMPT, I keep up to date with the latest findings and modern techniques.

A fast-paced industry, staying in touch with the latest developments is important. I like to offer the latest techniques and treatments to customers that make for more cost-effective professional pest control, as well as improved results. The National Pest Technicians Association is the leading industry body.

I also work with many business to control pests and vermin. My work has been featured on the BBC documentary series “Oxford Street”. This one and a half mile of street, with 300 shops, is the busiest shopping area in Europe. Keeping it free from pests and vermin is essential in making sure people and visitors are able to shop safely.

With 20 years’ experience in the military I understand the need to respond, not react, to calls for help. I can help you be pest-free in no time. Call me for a free onsite quotation.