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  • Rodents,
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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

Pestered by pests in Brentford?

Your business or home in TW8 should be pest-free! But, if you are under-siege from a pest, or just need advice on how to keep one at bay, then the phone call you need to make is to me, Gary Coates at West London Pest Control.

What happens when you call me?

Working in and around the Brentford are on a regular basis, I can be relied upon to respond quickly to call for help.

Every assignment starts the same way – I need to identify the pest, assess the scale of the problem, identify why it is happening and the options for dealing with it.

Some pests need only one treatment, followed by some deep cleaning in order for the issue to be dealt with. Bedbugs, an increasingly common pests as we travel around more – they are brought home by us on clothes, bags and such like – require chemical treatment, followed by a deep clean that involves temperature, preferably heat and/or steam.

Other pests are a little more tenacious and stubborn in their habits, thus may require a few visits to a property. However, it is not acceptable for humans to share the interior of their properties, home or business, with any pest. As a result, any pest in the home is eradicated and removed as quickly as possible.

Those that are encroaching on our outside space may take different methods and treatments to push them back to their natural habitats.

Trust West London Pest Control

With many years’ experience in pest control, I also bring many skills from my two decades of service in the military, to every day pest control calls. But, there is more to pest control than setting up a few traps…

  • Qualified – I hold the level 2 award ‘Pest Control & Management’ from the Royal Society of Public Health. This comprehensive qualification is the minimum standard that professional pest controllers need to reach. It includes the identification of all pests common in the UK, as well as the safe storage, transportation and use of both pesticides and insecticides.
  • Skilled – pest control is not an industry that stands still. It is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of modern pest control, and as such there are many studies and projects that I contribute to through my membership of the National Pest Technicians Association.
  • Professional – pest controllers need to be confident and professional in their approach to dealing with pests at homes and business throughout TW8 postcode. I have access to all kinds of training courses and so on through membership of Basis PROMPT.
  • Trusted – opening up your home or business to a professional is based on trust, especially in the case of pest control. You need to be confident not just in my abilities and that I can do what I say I can, but that everything I do is done so safely and humanely too.
  • Awareness – being aware of the impact of pest control on the local environment is also part of my role, as highlighted in the documentary series “Oxford Street”. Shown on the BBC recently, my work keeping this busy stretch of street free from vermin and pests was highlighted.

Don’t be plagued by pests. Call today for a free onsite survey and quotation – and my work is fully insured and guaranteed too!