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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

Are pests becoming more common in Staines Upon Thames?

There are many reasons why some people believe that pests are becoming more common place but, in the main, the number and types of pests are very much the same today as they once were. What has changed are some of the ways that we deal with them, and our attitude towards them.

  • Less tolerant – recent studies have shown that as home and business owners, we are far less tolerant of pests and the damage they can cause. Our understanding of the dangers to our health too, has increased in recent years and thus, we are no longer prepared to share our space with a perceived pest.
  • Treatments – there are occasions when some chemical treatments are also less effective. This is through some pests developing a greater immunity to the active ingredient but also, incorrect use of them has also contributed to making some pests more common.
  • Understanding – at one time, many pests were considered harmless and a natural part of life, as well as the surrounding environment. Over time, as our knowledge and understanding of disease and so on has increased, so has our need to deal with pests. It is true to say that our understanding of what works best in terms of treatment has also developed.

Don’t tolerate pests!

Dealing with some pests takes time, energy and perseverance, as well as skill and ability.

I’m Gary Coates and, as part of West London Pest Control, I can deal with pest problems effectively. Working in and around Staines, Staines Upon Thames, Egham Hythe, Laleham, Stanwell and Wraysbury on a frequent basis, I can respond to your call for help almost immediately.

Qualified – as a qualified pest controller, I can confidently identify and deal with all pests common to the UK. The qualification ‘Pest Control & Management’, awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health, is a comprehensive and detailed course that sets a high standard within the pest control industry.

Expert – but, pests are many and varied, thus the treatments needed are also many and varied. They also change over time, as the pest evolves and as our understanding and skill level improves. As a member of Basis PROMPT, I have access to all kinds of specialist courses that means I can be confidently called an expert on all matters of pest control.

My work has also been featured as part of the BBC documentary “Oxford Street”. This ten-part series looked at the professions involves in keeping this busy shopping destination clean, and free from pests and other vermin. Despite only being a mile and half of street, it is the busiest street in Europe, welcoming millions of people into its 300 shops every year.

Professional – with over two decades of military service, I understand the need to be prompt and reliable, offering solutions to deal with the situation. However, I am also a member of the National Pest Technicians Association; this trade body contributes to the continuing professional development of pest controller with training, as well as research projects and so on.

My work is also fully insured and the results guaranteed. Don’t waste time – call me today for a free onsite quotation.