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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

The murky world of pests in Sunbury on Thames and Felthamhill

A pest is any insect, bird, rodent or animal has the potential to become a pest. But, what pushes them from cute, admired animal, to unwanted guest?

When they…

… encroach on our space – your home or business in TW16 needs to be pest-free, for reasons of health, as well as your own comfort. Some pests can be dangerous to our health. Cockroaches spread salmonella, rats are constantly urinating spreading a bacterium that can make us ill and so on. There are many other examples.

… become out of control – sometimes, the numbers of one particularly species can become huge and, as a result, their natural habitats become crowded. As a result, some of them will look for other places to nest and breed, with our homes and business, inside and outside, in Sunbury on Thames and Feltham becoming the perfect location.

Pests find their way into our homes, gardens, businesses and so on in all kinds of ways but when they do, it is important that they are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Rely on West London Pest Control

I’m Gary Coates and, as part of West London Pest Control, I am frequently in or close to the TW16 post code area. My response can be prompt and immediate, in many cases.

Many people try to deal with a pest problem themselves but, this can produce all kinds of issues. The best course of action – one that is insured and guaranteed – is to call me.

Qualified – knowing that the pest controller is qualified and able to do the job that they say they can, is important. I hold the level 2 award, ‘Pest Control & Management’ awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health. This comprehensive qualification covers many aspects of pest control, including the safe use of chemical treatments.

Every pest control method I use is not only safe but humane too.

Experienced – with 20 years in the military, and many more in pest control, I bring all kinds of skills and qualities to my profession. I understand the need, for example, to respond quickly to calls for help as many customers are fearful of pests in or around their home. I also understand that many people need a discreet service too, something which I can and do offer.

Specialist – some pests are easily treated but, it is only ‘easy’ if you know how to do so effectively. As a member of both the National Pest Technicians Association and Basis PROMPT, I have access to the latest studies and research projects regarding pests and effective treatment, as well as a full programme of courses.

Expert – with many years’ experience in pest control, I am considered to be an expert in my field and thus, my work as a pest controller has been featured on the BBC documentary series, “Oxford Street”. My role is to keep this busy shopping street free from vermin and pests – something that I can do for you at your Sunbury on Thames and Felthamhill homes and businesses!