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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

When does an animal, bird, insect or rodent become a pest at a Nine Elms property?

There are times when we really know when a pest has ‘moved in’ – we may catch sight of a flea hopping on the carpet or come across a moth is the attic but, when it comes to outside area, it can be more difficult to decide if it is a pest or not.

A pest is an animal, bird, insect or rodent that is causing a nuisance. There may be times when we need to alter what we do, and how we live to accommodate it – for example, not using the front door because there is a wasp nest in the porch.

We may not be able to use the garden because when we do we are dive-bombed by protective birds over their nest or young.

The list could go on but, in determining if something is a pest or not, you should ring me, Gary Coates. As part of West London Pest Control, I work with homeowners, tenants, landlords and business in Nine Elms and across the SW95 area to be pest free.

Why call me?

Experienced – with years of experience in pest control, there is no pest that I cannot deal with and no situation that is out of reach. My work has been featured on a BBC documentary “Oxford Street”. As the busiest shopping street in Europe, it takes many professions to keep the street clean, including pest-free which is where I come in.

Specialist – some pests present significant dangers and issues. They need to be effectively controlled and eradicated, and is not something that the home or business owner can do on their own. As a result, I have completed many qualifications and specialist courses, awarded by various bodies such as:

The Royal Society of Public Health – completing the comprehensive qualification ‘Pest Control & Management’ means that I can identify and deal with all pests common in the UK. It also includes the use of insecticides and pesticides too.

National Pest Technicians Association – promoting standards of practice across the pest control industry, being an active member of this body aslo means that I can contribute to discussion and research projects relating to pests, effective control solutions and so on.

Basis PROMPT – promoting continuing professional development within the industry, being a member of this organisation means that I can access a variety of courses on all kinds of subjects, including risk assessment, health and safety and so on.

Comprehensive – as part of my service to you, I also attempt to find the source of the problem as well as finding ways to hopefully prevent any future infestation. Sometimes, the smallest changes can have the biggest impact and this is certainly true in terms of pest control.

Trusted – many Nine Elms domestic and business owners know they can trust the service that I offer. Having spent 20 years in the military, I understand the need to respond swiftly, yet calmly to calls for help when it comes to pest control issues. Being on time, running up to onsite surveys at the agreed times and so on are all important in creating a service that is not only effective, but trusted.

Do you have a pest problem in SW95? Would like it dealing with quickly, yet effectively? Why not call me for a comprehensive service, with a no-quibble guarantee and be free from pests in no time?