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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

How are pest problems in Chelsea dealt with?

Pests are everywhere but, these insects, birds, animals and rodents only become a problem pest when they start to encroach on our space. Many people feel embarrassed as well as uncomfortable about calling in the professionals to deal with pests, assuming that they are doing something wrong or that pests are attracted to their property due to unhygienic conditions.

This is not the case as pests, just like humans, prefer to breed and raise their young in places that are clean, safe and warm with plenty of food close by. Now you can see why they like to share our homes and businesses with us!

Can I help you?

Yes, I can as there is no pest that I cannot deal with and no situation that is out of reach;

As a fully qualified pest control technician, the comprehensive Level 2 award in ‘Pest Control and Management’ covers all pests in all kinds of situations. Awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health, this course must completed within twelve months and is also a qualification with a pass rate that is set high. This is because the safe use of pest control methods, such as the use of chemical substances, is imperative to keeping non-target species safe, as well as humans.

Continuing professional development is important for all pest control technicians, as humane and safe methods of dealing with pests change on regularly. As a result, to stay abreast of changes and contribute to research too, I am a member of two trade bodies:

  • The National Pest Technicians Association is responsible for training, research and development, as well as standards within the profession
  • Basis PROMPT is a membership organisation that develops training courses in various aspects of pest control including specialise courses relating to specific pests and situations, as well as health and safety etc.

Pest Control work is a busy profession, with more and more people calling professional companies such as West London Pest Control to deal with issues in and around Chelsea.

Tolerance levels are far lower – no one wants to use a garden, over run with rats and neither are we willing to life with a pest, however small, in the house or the interior of any building. Knowing that the pest controller working and around your property – home or business – is not only qualified and safe to operate, but insured too.

Success is guaranteed too. With my experience and training, I am confident that I can deal with any pest, anywhere, any time. With over 20 years’ experience in the military, I also understand the importance of being prompt and approachable when it comes to dealing with customers, their families, employees and so on.

My expertise as a pest controller has also been highlighted on the BBC documentary, ‘Oxford Street’. This busy stretch of street in London takes a lot of effort behind the scenes from all kinds of professionals to keep it clean and running smoothly – including me!

Do you have an insect, bird, animal or rodent making a nuisance of itself at home or at your business? If so, there really is only one phone you need to make – contact West London Pest Control for a prompt service.