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  • Rodents,
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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

Why choose West London Pest Control to be pest-free in Putney?

Many people, when they are convinced that they have a pest problem, will attempt to deal with the situation themselves. In some cases, where the infestation has been identified correctly and caught earlier enough, the actions taken can be successful.

However, there are some occasions when shop bought remedies and other do-it-yourself treatments can actually help to spread the infestation even further.

When you call me, Gary Coates of West London Pest Control, you will have a full and comprehensive professional service;

Free quotation and on-site survey – every pest control assignment is different and so each starts with identifying the pest or pests causing a nuisance. Not only this, I will also try to find out why they are attracted to the area, how they are gaining access to a property and so on. Before any work starts, you will be given a comprehensive quotation as well as discussing the options for eradicating and controlling the pest.

The best pest control service – a professional pest control service should be many things:

  • Knowledgeable – as a qualified technician with the ‘Pest Control & Management’ from the Royal Society of Public Health, I understand the habits of all pests, from their breeding cycle to their reaction to new things in their area. This qualification also covers the safe use, storage and transportation of insecticides and pesticides.
  • Specialist – there are times when you need a specialist response and this can be the case in terms of certain pests, their changing reactions to and the effectiveness of some chemical treatments, as well as the location in which they are found. As an active member of Basis PROMPT, I have access to a number of specialist courses for continuing professional development.
  • Up-to-date – like many professions, pest control is a fast moving one; regulations and laws change all the time, hence as a practicing pest controller I need to stay up to date with all these changes. As a member of the National Pest Technicians Association, I can stay up to date with all the changes, as well as contribute to studies, research projects and industry wide discussions.
  • Safe – it is important that any pest control measures that are used are safe to use in and around your Putney home or business. Not only do I complete a risk assessment on site, but all methods used are safe for use in a variety of differing situations, as well as humane. Pest control needs to target only the pests, and not non-target species.
  • Reliable – the majority of SW15 customers, both domestic and business, require a service that is not only reliable, but discreet and trustworthy. With over 20 years in the military, I understand the need to be prompt, as well as approachable and calm in a situation where many people are fearful, uncomfortable and in many cases, embarrassed although there is no need; pests enjoy the cleanliness and warmth of our Putney homes and businesses.
  • Expert – many people approach me for advice on how to deal with pest issues, as well as prevent them from happening. Sections of the popular BBC documentary, “Oxford Street” followed my work as a pest controller helping to keep this busy stretch of street free from pests.

If you have a pest control issue, problem or infestation of any kind, you need a prompt, reliable and safe response. There is no better that West London Pest Control so call for a free quotation today.