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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

Rats in the cellar, mice in the rafters, beetles in the carpet, wasps in the garden… whatever the pest and no matter where it is, I can help.

I am Gary Coates and, as part of West London Pest Control, I guarantee that when you call me to deal with a pest at your SW14 home or business, I have a solution that can effectively deal with it.

When does an animal, bird, insect or rodent become a ‘pest’?

They are around us all the time and we need animals, birds, insects and rodents to balance the ecology and local environment of the Mortlake area. Without insects, the birds have nothing to feed on, and so on.

In most cases, everything is in balance but, there are times when certain factors can upset this finely tuned balanced between man and nature, thus an animal, bird, rodent or insect becomes a pest:

#1 Built environment – sometimes the expansion of the built environment, from roads to buildings, can mean that some common pests need to find new places to live. This can mean that they favour our homes and gardens, as well as business premises in and around Mortlake.

#2 Weather – sometimes, the weather can contribute to some pests being more of a nuisance. In some instances, for example, the weather favours the pest by providing plenty of food thus, their number increase rapidly. In other cases, the weather can mean that they are pushed from their normal habitat, being pushed in to your spaces.

#3 Our habits – the increase use of recycling bins, including food, is attractive to many a pest. Which animal, rodent or bird (or insect for that matter) wouldn’t find the rotting food in a compost bin alluring?

#4 Balance of nature – and there are times when the delicate balance of nature simply tips in favour of one insect or another, and due to the explosion in numbers, they soon become an irritating pest.

Why call for professional help?

In a nutshell, calling in a professional pest controller means that you can be pest-free in next to no time but, it will be safe and humane, two important factors in pest control.

  • Qualified – as a qualified pest controller holding the Level 2 award in ‘Pest Control & Management’, domestic and business customers in SW14 can trust that every action taken means that the pest is eradicated but in a safe way. Many customers worry about the use of chemical substances in the home or business premises and thus, before I start work on getting rid of your pest, I discuss all the options with you.
  • Onsite survey – every pest needs identifying but also how they are gaining access to the property and/or garden etc. This comprehensive assessment also means that each customer is given advice on prevention, hopefully preventing any future infestations.
  • Safe – everything I do is risk assessed and, should there be any safety issues, you will be made aware of these. Methods used are the latest modern techniques, which is why I am an active member of the National Pest Technicians Association. This industry body promotes standards through advanced training, as well as carrying our research.
  • Humane – all methods must be humane as to cause any bird or animal unnecessary suffering is a criminal offence. Basis PROMPT is a trade organisation that promotes continuing professional development for pest controllers and again, as an active member, I have completed many specialist courses.

Do you have a pest control issue in SW14? Do you need your Mortlake or East Sheen home, garden or business pest-free quickly and discreetly? Then call me for a free quotation today.