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  • Rodents,
  • Rats,
  • Mice,
  • Squirrels,
  • Rabbits,
  • Moles,
  • Foxes
  • Wasps,
  • Bees,
  • Flies,
  • Moths
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  • Ants,
  • Bugs,
  • Beetles,
  • Bedbugs,
  • Fleas

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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

How do you if you have a pest problem at your South West London home or business?

Insects, birds and animals are everywhere but, this does not make them pests. But they are a pest when they start to encroach on our space.

For example,

  • Their numbers may be such that they are beginning to cause damage or difficulty – think of scampering rabbits; if their population reaches large proportions, the damage and devastation they cause to local parks, public spaces and gardens etc. is catastrophic.
  • They nest near or in your property – it is not much fun dodging a wasp nest in the porch or garden as you run in and out the house, especially if the nest feel your vibration and assume they are under attack. Some people are allergic to wasp and bee stings, a fact they may not be aware of until it is too late.
  • They are in your home – bugs in the bed, fleas in the sofa… there are many tiny critters that find their way in to your home and then stay there. Our homes are clean, warm and moist, perfect conditions for many bugs.
  • They make you ill – some pests are benign and a nuisance; others are dangerous. Take the rat, constantly excreting urine as it runs around your home, cellar, garden, garage, work premises and so on. This bacterium if ingested in to the human body can make us very ill.

Getting rid of pests, quickly and easily is simple – call West London Pest Control

I’m Gary Coates and with many years’ experience in pest control and eradication, I can guarantee success at leaving you pest free.

Working in South West London, including St James, Westminster and all other areas of the SW1 postcode, I can be relied upon to give you a prompt, immediate response.

Effective pest control is more than just laying poison or setting a trap;

  • As a fully qualified pest controller holding the Level 2 award in ‘Pest Control & Management’ from the Royal Society of Public Health, I can deal with all pests in all situations
  • All methods and solutions offered are humane and safe for use in and around the home, public spaces and work places too
  • In SW1A, SW1E, SW1H and SW1P postcode areas, I work with both domestic and commercial customers, including one-off pest control assignments and well as longer term contract work
  • With 20 years military service, I also bring many skills to me role as professional pest controller; being able to identify and deal with all kinds of risks and hazards, operating safely within confined spaces and so on is imperative to succeeding in the task
  • As a member of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), I contribute to developing methods and cutting edge solutions to pest issues and problems
  • Likewise, staying up to date with continuing professional development within pest control is important too which is why I am a member of Basis PROMPT, a body dedicated to the advancement of qualifications, training and development
  • I am known my expert knowledge, contributing to the observational documentary series on BBC1 ‘Oxford Street’; this programme observed the work of many agencies that go in to keeping this 1.5 miles of the busiest shopping street in Europe flowing freely, from buses to rats!

If you think you have a pest issue, and would like it dealing with quickly, effectively and promptly, call me.