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  • Rodents,
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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

The problems pests can cause…

Some pests can be dangerous to our health. They can carry and spread bacteria that can make us ill, from a bout of ‘food poisoning’ to more serious conditions.

Some pests present no danger to us in terms of health issues, but the thought of sharing our home or bed with various bugs is not a welcome prospect.

Even though some ‘pests’ are a common sight – rabbits hopping across field, or a fox crossing the road in the early hours of the morning – they can sometimes encroach on our space, causing a nuisance.  Molehills on a sports field, rabbits eating their way through a vegetable patch or foxes rummaging through bins late at night are all issues that can be solved, without causing harm or being too expensive.

However, attempting to deal with a ‘pest problem’ on your own can lead to disaster…

  • Wrong identity, wrong product – some pests present very similar damage or act in such similar ways, it can be difficult to correctly identify the pest. Incorrect identification means that the wrong chemical treatments or methods can be used which are ineffective. The pest problem doesn’t seem to be going away, leading to frustration at wasting time, money and effort.
  • Suffering – not having the right methods and treatments, or using them correctly, can lead to an animal or bird suffering. Expert pest controllers know that no animal should suffer, and this is a guiding principal in law too. Likewise, some pests are controlled by laws that prevent their release back in to the wild, and other laws state that some pests must be controlled on your land or property. Failing to deal with any animal or bird correctly can lead to a hefty fine or prosecution in some cases.
  • Make the problem worse – in some circumstances, getting the treatment wrong can actually mean you are contributing to the infestation, effectively making it worse!

You CAN avoid all three of these issues AND be pest-free in next-to-no-time by hiring West London Pest Control to deal with the issue. But why choose us…?

  • Qualified & experienced – all technicians are qualified, holding as a minimum the ‘Pest Control & Management’ certificate, awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health. Comprehensive and detailed, this course covers the control and eradication of all pests, as well as the safe use of chemical insecticides and pesticides. With many years’ experience too, there really no one better to call.
  • Specialists – we also hold specialist qualifications, in addition to the above; for example, we hold certification in dealing with rodents, as well as rodent proofing measures.
  • Trusted – all our work is insured with Public Liability Insurance (up to £10 million) & guaranteed too.
  • Local & responsive – to top it all off, we live and work in Twickenham every day and thus, your call will be responded to quickly, with minimal fuss but maximum discretion, perfect for both our business and domestic customers.

If you have a pest problem, don’t try and deal with it yourself – get an effective and swift response by calling West London Pest Control.