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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

· How do I know if I have a pest problem?

This may seem like an odd question but sometimes, we work with customers who tell us that the issue has ‘been around for some time’. Some people also think that because they cannot immediately see or identify the culprit that they cannot call in a pest control service, such as West London Pest Control…

Some pests bite or sting; others swarm in huge numbers. Some pests cause immeasurable damage to land and, sometimes, to the fabric of a building too. Woodworm is a pest that can invade our homes unnoticed, for many, many years.

· What can be done about it?

As soon as you suspect or know you have a pest problem, call in the professionals. Although prevention is better than cure, sometimes pests, despite our very best efforts, end up sharing our home, business or outdoor space with us… and this is not always welcome!

Don’t face the distress and discomfort, for the majority of pest infestations can be dealt with quickly and effectively by a pest control company. Delaying calling on the expert service of a pest control technician can mean that some pests become intensely ingrained in a property or outdoor space, requiring more effort to be got rid of.

In the long run, identifying and dealing with a pest control issue as soon as possible is not only the cheaper option, but also means you will be pest-free quicker too!

· Why use a professional company?

There are three factors of knowledge that pest control technicians apply to infestations:

  1. Knowledgeunderstanding pests and their habits, as well as what attracts them to a space, is the first step in dealing with the issue. All our technicians hold the ‘Pest Control & Management’ award from the Royal Society of Public Health. We also hold a variety of additional qualifications, making us specialists in all kinds of pest control and issues, such as rodent control.
  2. Knowledgelegally, there are a variety of laws that come in to play when dealing with birds or animals, even if they a pest. No animal or bird should suffer and some pests are ‘protected’ but others once trapped or caught, must not be released back in the wild. Hence, falling fouls of these laws and regulations can mean a hefty fine.
  • Knowledge – West London Pest Control are up to date with all changes in the law relating to all pests, as well as treatment and control methods.

If you needed any more persuading that West London Pest Control are THE company to call, consider…

… that we are responsive and trusted by both domestic and business customers to deal with all kinds of pests, in all kind of situations

… that we offer a friendly, honest service and prevention advice

… that we save you time, effort and money in the long run, with an effective solutions to your pest control problem guaranteed (and insured with our Public Liability insurance up to £10 million)

… that we offer a local and responsive so why not call for a free, no obligation quotation?