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Why do some animals, birds or insects become a problem?

Nature is finely balanced; it does not take much to upset this balance, tipping the scales either in the favour of the pest or us humans. When the balance tips in favour of humans, the animal, bird or insect can face extinction. But, when conditions favour animals, birds or insects, we can find that they invade our space, whether that is outside or in our properties, both domestic and property.

  • Weather – long periods of certain types of weather can favour some animals making them more of a problem. However, when weather is particularly inclement, it can also have an effect of where and how pests make their homes.

Case Study: Rats

Recent poor weather during British winters which have led to flooding have pushed rats out of their natural habitats on river banks, and has pushed them into our homes or outbuildings. The bacterium that the rat excretes in its urine is a danger to human health and, as well as the destruction they cause by gnawing, getting rid of rats is imperative.

  • Built environment – in some cases, where and how we build new properties, roads etc. all have an impact on pests. Again, these works can force them from their natural habitat and, as a result, they encroach on our space.

Case Study: Pigeons

Pigeons are found all over the UK but, in recent decades, have become a blight on the urban landscape. Making nests and flocking in great numbers onto building, their droppings can erode and damage the fabric of a building. Pigeons have learnt to adapt to this environment, taking advantage of food, as well as the safety and relative warmth of urban buildings. 

  • Our habits – over the years, our habits change too and these can encourage some pests to either make their homes close to ours (or in them!), or make their nests etc. in our gardens or other inconvenient places.

Case study: Foxes

The red fox is native to the UK and are a common sight across both the countryside and in urban areas. However, their natural habitat is woodland but, they have adapted over the years to living in towns and cities, mainly due to the large amount of food available to them. Hence, the contents of your rubbish bin are attractive to the fox!

  • Travel – our ability to move around easier and quicker means that in recent years, we are travelling further afield that ever before. However, what this can mean is that we can bring back more than we bargained for from our travels…

Case study: Bedbugs

Bedbugs were once uncommon in more affluent countries but, our ability to travel to all kinds of countries across the globe has meant that these tiny bedbugs are able to hitch a lift virtually anywhere – including back in to our homes!

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