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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

Are calls to pest control services on the increase?

Is this a sign of more pests…?

Read any newspaper or online news source and you will come across articles and headlines that talk about the number of calls to pest control companies such as West London Pest Control being on the increase.

It seems that this is the case but, this does not necessarily mean that pests are on the increase…

  • Dangerous & a nuisance – some pests need to be removed quickly and effectively. We are all more aware of some of the health hazards and dangers that some pests can present. Wasps and bees for example, can sting; in most cases, this is thankfully a localised reaction (an itchy swelling on the skin, at the site of the sting) but for other people, it can be fatal. This increase in awareness means people are tending to turn to expert pest controllers, rather than attempting to deal with the issue themselves.
  • Less tolerant – research has also found that we are far less tolerant about sharing our space with pests. This includes those ‘pests’ that are common across the country; seagulls and pigeons for example, play an important role in the local environment, but being ‘dived bombed’ every time you leave or enter your property is not something we are willing to accept. Hence, calls to pest control companies increase, again as people are unsure of the best ways of dealing with pest issues.
  • Effective solutions – shop bought or over-the-counter remedies can be effective but, they sometimes take too long to act or, are perceived as being too fiddly or time-consuming to apply. People are also looking for solution that offer immediate impact; business customers do not want pests disrupting their business and domestic customers do not want pests in or around their homes. As soon as a pest is spotted, customers want it gone!
  • Busier people – and frankly, with many of leading such busy lives, do we really have the time to deal pest issues ourselves? Again, this is about customers realising there is a pest problem, and wanting or needing a pest infestation dealing with promptly and effectively.

The professional solution

When you spot a pest problem (or think there may be an issue, but not sure what is causing it), you need a professional service that is honest, friendly and trustworthy.

Here at West London Pest Control we…

  • Assess the problem first – before we start any kind of treatment, we need to thoroughly assess the pest control problem. We need to not only identify the pest but also the source (what is attracting them to the area?), as well as the solutions and options for dealing with the problem.

ALL our technicians are qualified with a variety of specialist certificates, as well as the comprehensive qualification Pest Control & Management, as awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health.

  • FREE quotation – knowing how we can deal with the problem is one part of the quotation but knowing how much it will cost is important too.

We guarantee all our work, as well as being fully insured, with Public Liability Insurance up to £10 million.

  • Prevention advice – once we have dealt with the issue, we can also perform remedial work (should you wish) in an effort to prevent future problems. We offer prevention advice too leaving your pest-free!

Business customers in Brentford can also enjoy pest control contracts that allow for pest problems to be monitored and controlled. Working with business and domestic customers across Brentford and surrounding areas, we offer a local, responsive service to all customers. Call us now for a free, no obligation quote and be pest-free, in next-to-no-time!