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Do you need effective pest control in NW8 North West London?

From St John’s Wood to Lisson Grove, North West London Pest Control can deal with any pest, from ants to bees, wasps, silverfish, pigeons, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, bedbugs, fleas, flies, rats, mice, moles and more.

And, even better news is that we can deal with them in any place or situation. We work on a frequent basis with homeowners, as well as businesses through the NW8 North West London postcode area.

I’m Mark and I have 16 years of military service including close protection, surveillance and military and civil engineering. I can give you complete assurance that my team and me are the leading pest control providers in the area as we offer safe, friendly, professional and expert advice and service.

Being infested with a pest is more than just a nuisance – many customers feel embarrassed, assuming that it is something they have done to encourage pests to enter their properties or gardens. People can find it very distressing too, as well as uncomfortable.

Some pests are a downright nuisance, like dive bombing seagulls or foxes rummaging through rubbish at night. Other pests, however, present a very real health hazard such as the sting of the wasp and the bee, or the bacteria spread by rats and mice.

Regardless of whether they are a nuisance or dangerous, you want the pest issue dealt with quickly, effectively and discreetly. And this is where Mark from North West London Pest Control comes in.

The problem in treating pests

A pest is any animal, bird, insect or rodent that encroaches on your space, whether that is mice in the garage or bees in the porch.

There are laws that govern particular birds and animals, as well as how they can be dealt with, and who can deal with the issue. It is illegal, for example, for anyone to cause unnecessary distress to a bird or animal. Therefore, when dealing with a pest, it needs to be dealt with in accordance with the law – and that means humane dispatch.

Some pests have particular laws that apply to them, such as the grey squirrel. They need to be live trapped and then euthanized, not re-released into the wild. Foxes can only be shot or trapped, and then relocated to a more suitable environment. In many cases, the right people to handle these animals are pest control technicians.

Qualifications + experience = professional pest control

All technicians at West London Pest Control are qualified, with Mark holding an array of qualifications and experience that makes for a superbly effective service:

  • Level 2 ‘Pest Control & Management’ – a comprehensive qualification that is the minimum industry standard. Awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health it covers the eradication and control of all pests, as well as the use of chemicals.
  • Specialist courses – including qualifications completed on proofing measures, as well as handling and dealing with specific pests such as the growing problem of rats.
  • Safety first – West London Pest Control takes the safety of its technicians, customers, general public, pets and non-target species seriously, as well as protecting the local environment. Mark and his team are first aid trained, as well as Advanced First Aid training at work, and trauma medic trained, as well as in the use of a defibrillator. Manual handling training is also up to date.
  • Health and safety – as well as a heightened awareness and health & safety compliance, Mark holds a maritime health and safety certification, as well as safe use of breathing apparatus (PADI). Working in confined space is also something that Mark and his team can do.
  • Experience – as well as many years of pest control experience across the capital and surrounding counties, Mark also served in the military for many years and close protection work across the world.
  • Additional qualifications – there are many that Mark holds but those that link to pest control work include NVQ in Military Engineering and a range of civil construction qualifications too.
  • Insured and guaranteed – all work carried out by West London Pest Control is guaranteed and insured with Public Liability insurance up to value of £10 million.

Professional pest control is cost-effective

Dealing with a pest quickly and humanely is key to every assignment we undertake. There is no over-the-counter remedy that us as effective as professional and local expert knowledge that we bring to every case.

If you live in St John’s Wood to Lisson Grove or NW8 and need help to deal with a pest, call the experts – call DES from West London Pest Control.