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Professional pest control services within Mill Hill and Highwood Hill NW7 North West London Areas 

Welcome to NW7 Pest Control served by Mark your local expert pest controller in North West London including Mill Hill & Highwood areas. Mark has served 16 years in the military in a variety of specialist areas such as close protection, surveillance and civil engineering assuring you the most professional and leading pest control service in the NW area.

The moment a customer realises they have a pest control issue in or around their property is an uncomfortable one. It can cause people to feel anxious and under-threat. People are uncomfortable with sharing their home or business premises with an unwanted and, in some cases, dangerous pest.

Calling a professional pest controller is the best phone call to make. It will guarantee that the pest is dealt with quickly and humanely. It also guarantees that any work that is carried out is safe for both you, your family, customers, staff as well as the local environment.

But what pests can be deal with, and how can we help you?

Step 1: Identify the pest

Firstly, we need to positively identify the pest. In some cases, the telltale signs are obvious but in other assignments, it can take a little more detective work. We can deal with all pests from ants to bees, wasps, silverfish, pigeons, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, bedbugs, fleas, flies, rats, mice, moles and so on.

Mark and his team hold a range of qualifications and when combined with many years of pest control experience, you will understand why we are so successful in dealing with pests:

  • Level 2 ‘Pest Control & Management’ awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health is considered to be the industry standard for all pest control technicians. Covering all pests as well as the safe use of chemicals and so on, it is a comprehensive qualification
  • Specialist qualifications and courses completed include bird and pigeon proofing measures, rodent control courses and so on
  • Firearms certificates are also important, including an ASAA Certificate in Small/Long Weapons
  • Trained in manual handling relating specifically to the pest control industry

Step 2: Assess the scale of the problem and its location

The scale of the problem will dictate, to a certain extent, what solutions will work quickly and effectively.

The location of the problem will also dictate what can and cannot be used. There is a balance that must be struck in pest control between eradicating the pest and the local environment, as well as the safety of you, your family, staff, customers, general public and non-target species and wildlife.

Knowing that the pest control company can deal with the pest issue within these confines is important and can do so safely:

  • Advanced First Aid at Work trained, including trauma medic training and use of a defibrillator
  • Health and safety compliant, including specialist maritime health & safety
  • Survival trained to the highest level
  • Additional training in military engineering, as well as 16 year military service
  • Qualifications within civil construction
  • Trained in the use of breathing apparatus (PADI)
  • Can work in confined spaces such as sewers
  • Fully insured with Public Liability insurance and all our work is guaranteed too

Step 3: Advise on the best course of action

In some cases, there can be more than one option to deal with a pest issue and thus, we feel it is important to discuss the solutions with you, the customer.

The changes and regulations relating to the use of insecticides and rodenticides changed recently and thus, their use is to be minimal but without compromising on their effect. Clearly, there are some pests that need to be dealt with quickly as they present dangers to human health.

Step 4: Prevention advice

We also think that it is important offer prevention advice so that as far as is possible, future issues with pests are deterred.

Can we help you?

Call us for a free, no obligation quote as well as advice relating to all pest control matters. We work with domestic and business customers throughout NW7 and surrounding areas.

And remember, we CAN deal with all PESTS in any situation!