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Professional pest control in NW2 North London

A pest is an insect, animal, rodent or bird that is encroaching on or into a space that you occupy, whether this is your home, garden shed or a business.

The vast majority of time, we live side by side with birds, animals and so on without really noticing they are there. We may see them and we may even enjoy them but when they start to invade our space – and when there is more than one of them – they change from cute to nuisance in the blink of an eye.

When this happens, you want the problem dealing with quickly, effectively, humanely and safely – four factors that are present in the work of Mark at North West London Pest Control. We work with customers, domestic and commercial, throughout Cricklewood, Dollis Hill, Childs Hill, Willesden, Neasden and surrounding areas.

What should you look for in a pest control company?

  • Qualifications

The key to successful pest control is the technician being trained in dealing with all pests in all situations. The level 2 award ‘Pest Control & Management Level 2’ awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) is a comprehensive qualification with a pass mark that is high. In other words, it is a course that has value and depth.

West London Pest Control technicians also hold a variety of additional, specialist qualifications including firearm licenses, specialist qualifications in dealing with common but difficult to manage pests such as rats, mice, birds and so on. In essence, many businesses and some domestic customers too, invest in ‘proofing’ measures as a way of deterring pests in the future.

  • Experience

Being a pest control operative is no longer just about laying poison and walking away. There are many other factors to take into account, including the impact of pest control solutions on the local environment, non-target species, pets and people.

Knowing that the pest control company has the experience of dealing with all pests in all situations, and can do so safely, is important. Look for experience outside of pest control too, such as the experience and qualifications that I hold:

  • Construction and military engineering qualifications
  • 16 years Military and Close Protection experience, at home and across the globe
  • First aid trained, including trauma medic training and defibrillator trained too
  • Maritime health & safety trained, as well as PADI diving certificate
  • Manual handling training and much more.

Experience is also gained from dealing with a large number of pests, large and small. We have dealt with many different pests in many different situations. The list is long but we have dealt with infestations and issues relating to ants to bees, wasps, silverfish, pigeons and all kinds of birds, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, bedbugs, fleas, flies, rats, mice and so on.

  • Local

Local knowledge is not to be underestimated. Understanding the pest and how they live, breed and move about an area is matched by an understanding of why the pest is where it is, how it go there and how it is using the space.

Understanding these factors make for better, efficient solutions to eradicating and controlling a pest. You need to be confident too that a pest control company acts in a way that us not only safe, but humane. Always ask what method they intend to use and how quickly this will work.

  • Professional

Look for guarantees for their work, as well as Public Liability insurance too. Being able to trust the company, as a professional pest control outfit is probably one of the most important factors in choosing a pest control technician.

We treat all manner of pests including birds, rats, mice, rodents, squirrels, moles, rabbits, wasps, bees, insects, ants, carpet beetle, woodworm, flies, fleas, bedbugs, moths, and many many more.

If you have a pest that needs dealing with, either in the home, a business or outside of a property in and around NW2, don’t waste time and money on trying to deal with it yourself, call Mark at West London Pest Control.