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  • Rodents,
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  • Foxes
  • Wasps,
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  • Flies,
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  • Beetles,
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North West London Pest Control

I’m Mark from West London Pest Control and I offer effective pest control for all pests in and around North West London NW and the postcode areas of NW1, NW2, NW3, NW4, NW5, NW6, NW7, NW8, NW9, NW10, NW11 and surrounding areas.

I have proudly served in the Army from 2000 and can provide you with 100% assurance I will provide a efficient, professional and trustworthy pest control treatment.

Finding that you are sharing your home, business or outside space with a pest is unpleasant and worrying. Dealing with a pest issue follows a series of steps: identifying the pest, assessing the scale of the infestation, taking note of the surrounding space and health and safety concerns, followed by effective, humane treatment.

Knowing how to do this properly so that other wildlife is not targeted is something that a reputable, qualified and experienced pest controller can offer.

But, when you call a pest control company, you need to be confident and trust that they can deliver the service they say they can. You need to know what to look for:

Professional pest control in North West London NW

Qualifications within specific areas of pest control are important as this means that the pest controller acts in a way that protects themselves, people, pets and non-target species. They need detailed knowledge of how the pests react and live, as well as breed.

A combination of qualifications, skill and experience is needed:

  • ‘Pest Control & Management’ awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) is considered to be the industry standard. This is a comprehensive qualification that must be completed within 12 months, and with the pass rate set high (candidates must pass the theory tests with a minimum 80% pass rate), you can be confident that when a pest controller has this qualification, they can deliver a comprehensive service.
  • Specialist courses are also completed as a matter of routine, and here at West London Pest Control we have completed courses making us specialists in areas such as rodent control and eradication and bird proofing.
  • Additional skills and experience outside the realm of pest control is also important. With a military background of 16 years and many years’ experience of serving in close protection across the globe, understanding the need to respond and to respond quickly and effectively is something ingrained in myself. People find being ‘infested with a pest’ serious, uncomfortable and threatening.
  • Safety is also important. Pest control involves the use of equipment, including pesticides and insecticides too. Having the ability to store, transport and use these poisons is one part of operating safely in any given space. Understanding the impact on the environment, people and non-target species is another.
  • Understanding the surrounding terrain, and how it impacts on pests and their ability to infest an area is important. With qualifications in engineer and construction, as well as local knowledge, West London Pest Control can deal with any pest in any situation.
  • Specialist skills are also important. Working near water presents various safety concerns but with Maritime Health & Safety training, PADI diving course, survival skills and comprehensive First Aid qualifications, every eventuality and situation is catered for.

As you would expect, we train our technicians in other areas too, such as manual handling, health and safety compliance and so on. We are a professional company, offering guarantees for the pest control work we offer as well as Public Liability insurance.

Which pests?

We can deal with all pests from ants to bees, wasps, silverfish, pigeons, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, bedbugs, fleas, flies, rats, mice and more. In some cases, such as insects, it may be problematic to identify the species but with access to laboratory services we can identify and deal with ALL pests.

Our pest control services to both domestic and business customers across North West London are competitively priced. Offering a responsive service to your call for pest control help too, we are fast becoming a leading pest control company in the area.

Do you have a pest issue? Call Mark at West London Pest Control today.