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  • Rodents,
  • Rats,
  • Mice,
  • Squirrels,
  • Rabbits,
  • Moles,
  • Foxes
  • Wasps,
  • Bees,
  • Flies,
  • Moths
  • Insects,
  • Spiders,
  • Ants,
  • Bugs,
  • Beetles,
  • Bedbugs,
  • Fleas

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When Pests Invade Your N12 Home or Business – Who Do You Call?

West London Pest Control has been offering the latest in pest control and eradication techniques for many years. With local knowledge and how this contributes to the problem, they are qualified and skilled in delivering effective, safe pest control services and solutions.

What Pests Do We Deal With?

We deal with a range of pests, the majority of which are harmless but a nuisance. For example, bedbugs, fleas and woodworm are common pests we deal with but don’t pose a threat to human health.

This doesn’t make sharing your bed with bedbugs or your home with fleas and woodworm any more pleasant and so effective solutions are needed.

Other pests do pose more than a nuisance. The sting of a wasp, the bacterium spread by rats and mice, the germs spread by cockroaches and so on do present a hazard.

Do not wait or try to deal with these kinds of dangerous pests yourself. Infestations don’t go away on their own and some over-the-counter remedies are just not ‘strong’ enough and can if used incorrectly, cause the infestation to spread.

How Do We Deal with Pests?

Mark and the team at West London Pest Control offer residents and businesses of North Finchley and Woodside Park a profession pest control service, underpinned by qualifications, skills and experience;

  • Level 2 ‘Pest Control & Management’ is a comprehensive pest control qualification. It has a high pass mark which means that in the 12 months is takes to complete the qualification, there is little room for error.
  • As well as the Level 2 certificate, Mark holds several specialist qualifications and accreditations. This means he can successfully deal with pests such as rats and other rodents, birds, rabbits etc. that need both eradication and control.
  • Health and safety trained – working in and around properties, including public spaces, means that the level of safety needs to be high. As well as general health and safety training, Mark is also skilled in;
    • Maritime health and safety
    • Trained First Aider, including use of defibrillator and trauma medic trained
    • PADI diver training
  • Additional skills including firearms certificate

Which Pests and Where?

We deal with pests common to the UK including bees and wasps, fleas, flies, rats, mice, birds, beetles, woodworm, bedbugs and more.

We work with domestic customers as well as businesses of all kinds including local retailers in N12, food outlets and preparation businesses, schools, colleges, charities, local authorities, letting agents, estate agents, student accommodation agents and more.

With comprehensive Public Liability Insurance, our work is fully guaranteed. We provide a free onsite assessment so we can identify the pest and the scale of the problem.

And with a quick and discreet response, you know you can rely on and trust West London Pest Control.