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West London Pest Control owner, Gary, has proudly completed 20 years military service.

How to be rid of pests in Chessington

Pests can be anything from roosting pigeons damaging your building, to being infested with bedbugs. Whatever it is, and wherever it is, if it is causing your discomfort and stress, as well as possibly causing ill-health, you need the services of a professional pest controller.

I’m Gary Coates and as part of West London Pest Control, I help both domestic and business customers in and around Chessington to be pest free.

Why getting professional pest control help is important

The abundance of pests is one reason why we sometimes need help to keep them at bay. My work was featured as part of the BBC documentary “Oxford Street”. This series highlighted what is needed to ensure that a mile and a half stretch of street is kept vermin and pest-free, as far as is possible.

In essence, pests are attracted to where humans are, simply because some of our habits and routines are not only advantageous to a pest, but beneficial to them to. Many pests are opportunistic in habit, thus when they see an overflowing refuse bin on a high street, they know that they have come across an abundant food source.

Unfortunately, in some cases, once the pest has a grip on an area, it can be hard to shake. Sometimes, people will attempt to tackle the issues themselves but, may make little if any difference to the problem or, worse still, actually spread or inadvertently encourage the pest problem.

Some pests also present a danger to human health. Bacteria in rat’s urine, for example, the dust form dried birds dropping, the spreading of salmonella by cockroaches, the possibility of being stung by a wasp or bee are just some of the dangers that face humans when certain pests invade their home, business, garden, outbuildings, public spaces and so on.

Get professional pest control help

  • Effective – anyone who needs to be rid of pests need to the job completing quickly, and effectively, with the only real way of ensuring this is to call in a qualified and experienced pest controller. With the qualification ‘Pest Control & Management’ awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health, it is no wonder that the service I offer is effective. A comprehensive qualification that deals with all pests common in the UK, I can be relied upon to deal with any pest, in any situation quickly and effectively.
  • Guaranteed – I am so confident in my skills and abilities to deal with any pest that I guarantee all my work. As a member of the National Pest Technicians Association, I have access to all the latest studies and research that makes for modern pest control and solutions.
  • Safe – many customers understandably have concerns about the different styles and methods of pest control solutions, particularly the use of insecticides and pesticides. As an active member of Basis PROMPT, I have access to all kinds of specialist courses, including those relating to health and safety. All pest control methods are quick and humane.
  • Professional – you need and want a professional, discreet and effective service when it comes to pest control. With many years’ experience in the military prior to pest control work, I understand the need to be prompt and responsive to calls for help.

Working frequently in and around the KT9 postcode area, I can respond immediately to your call so that you can be pest-free at home or business.